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The Heart of the Moon 3,679: The Inner Sanctum of the Trashcandroids is an episode of The Doctor Zone Files: The Next Regeneration. Set in a story arc that directly ties into The Doctor Zone Files: The Movie Files, the plot seems to focus on Doctor Zone (Orton Mahlson) and Time Ape escaping the Inner Sanctum of the Trashcandroids.

Plot Summary

Doctor Zone and Time Ape escape from the Inner Sanctum of the Trashcandroids. Meanwhile, Time Ape finds a picture with some tantalizing clues towards his origins.



Orton Mahlson as DR. HANKRY ZONE

Miguel Boddicker as ARKTROPOLIS

Watcha Willingmast as CLEOPATRA ZERO

Marlon Garter as ZARNALLION

and TIME APE as Himself

Billy as Willy

Ephram Tang as CEREBROID #1

Bob Treeface as CEREBROID #2

Wilber Oldentask as WONDER LLAMA

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Scottielle Bernolsonuett

MUSIC Poven McPovenPoven

ART DIRECTOR Edgar "Cheese" Danish

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Wooly "Mammoth" Elephant


CASTING Charlton Easton

SOUND Chimp Aerobics

EDITOR Lianne Harding

COLOR Wang Doodle Dandy

TITLES Ebulent Escargo

DIRECTED by Rob Browen

EDITOR Joseway Prunet

filmed at Balsawood Studios, Inc.


(Doctor Zone and Time Ape are fleeing enemies who are shooting at them.)

Dr. Zone: All my worrying just wasted time! Let's get it back. Quick, to the Time Beehicle. (Doctor Zone and Time Ape make it to the Time Beehicle and get in. Time Ape closes the door on a photo he's carrying and rips it, leaving half of it outside.)

Dr. Zone: (trying to push a button with his gift-shaped cast) I've got to hit that button. If only I had fingers on my right hand. Ugh! Uah! Dah! Ugk! Ugk! Dah! Ugk! Ugk! Uah! Dah! Ugk! (Trashcandroids close in.) The present is preventing me from getting to the future. They're closing in. Time Ape, do something.

Time Ape: (presses a button on his clock head) The time is now — one — fifty — four — P.M.

Dr. Zone: No, you silly simian. Time is relative. (A Trashcandroid breaks into Doctor Zone's window.) The Trashcandroids! No! (tries to beat the Trashcandroid back) Ugh! Time Ape, press the button. (The Time Beehicle's stinger unleashes a blast that disables the Trashcandroids, and the Time Beehicle takes off.) Righty crikey and tally ho. Time waits for no man... except for me!

(The Time Beehicle disappears. A Trashcandroid reaches out and grabs the half-picture Time Ape dropped. It is revealed to show a baby Time Ape. The episode ends with THE END and a question mark.)


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