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He's Cavendish. What are you gonna do?

— Vinnie Dakota

"The Island of Lost Dakotas" is the 33rd episode in the first season of Milo Murphy's Law. It aired on September 29, 2017.[1]

Cavendish gets crushed by an AC unit, so Dakota travels back in time to save his partner. This creates another Dakota, who exiles himself to a remote island. Meanwhile, Milo can't find his regular shoes and has to go with Zack and Melissa to the new Hamosaur movie with laced sneakers, causing lots of tangled-up problems.


Cavendish and Dakota argue over what to have for lunch. Cavendish decides on corn dogs and walks across the road to the nearby cart, only to get crushed by an air conditioning unit. While everyone else is horrified at the sight, Dakota nonchalantly buys two corn dogs from the cart, then goes back in time by three minutes. Dakota signals to the past version of himself, who distracts Cavendish by asking him to fold up the car's tarp. Dakota hands his past self a ticket and a picture of an island, who reluctantly accepts and leaves. Dakota then presents Cavendish the corn dogs he purchased, just as the metal object falls from the crane it's suspended from. Cavendish remarks on this, claiming that Dakota could have been killed, and Dakota sardonically remarks on this.

Meanwhile, Milo and his friends are going to see Hamosaur 2, since the original was lost in the Colorado River. Milo cannot find his usual shoes, so Zack finds a pair of sneakers in his closet. Milo expresses concern about the laces, but nonetheless accepts them after ordering a new pair of shoes on his phone for $49.99. Then the group leaves on their bicycles.

As he makes his way to the docks on a bus past Dakota explains to a fellow passenger that he's saved Cavendish from certain death multiple times over the course of their missions by traveling back in time to undo the encounters. However, the drawback is that each time he does so, it causes two Dakotas to exist in the same time, and each time it happens Dakota must exile his past self to a remote island. At the docks, Past Dakota approaches the captain of the ship he has to board, accidentally offending him as he points out his non-stereotypical naval appearance.

En route to see Hamosaur 2, Melissa asks Milo about his apprehension with shoelaces. In a flashback, it is revealed that Milo's first attempt to tie his shoelaces under the supervision of Sara ended up tangling himself, Diogee and a couch together. After the flashback, the group finds themselves inexplicably tangled up in Milo's shoelaces. As they pass by a truck driving the new Hamosaur, they latch onto its tail, along with all the other objects that were tangled in the shoelaces. Before they can crash into heavy traffic, Milo manages to use his shoelaces to snag onto some overhanging wires, catapulting them away from the traffic to the museum while losing his sneakers in the process. When they arrive, Hamosaur replaces the T-Rex fighting the antique fire truck.

Upon reaching the island, past Dakota ends up at the gates of a tribal village, and is accosted by its tanned natives wearing masks who appear ready to eat him. However, it turns out to be an initiation carried out by other past versions of himself, who have been playing similar pranks out of boredom. The leader of the Dakotas explains that over time, the Dakotas have built a functioning community and industry, including a factory that produces slip-on shoes without laces, since the Dakotas can't make aglets. It's the same factory which Milo ordered his shoes from.

As evening falls, the Dakotas congregate to watch a surveillance video of the present Dakota and Cavendish; the Dakotas have hacked into surveillance cameras across time and space to watch the footage later. After getting into an argument when Cavendish accuses him of being selfish, present Dakota relents by giving his corn dog to Cavendish, ending the disagreement. As the past Dakotas collectively fawn over this display of affection, the newest Dakota wonders what Cavendish did to deserve such sacrifice from the Dakotas, but the Dakotas shrug it off saying "It's Cavendish. What are you gonna do?".


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International Airings

  • March 3, 2018 (Hungary)[2]
  • March 14, 2019 (Ukraine, PlusPlus)


  • Joshua Pruett was nominated for an Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement for Writing in an Animated Television Broadcast Production for this episode.[3]
  • Cavendish has died multiple times in the past, and Dakota has been using their time vehicle to prevent the deaths. Dakota has saved Cavendish before:
    • When Cavendish finishes constructing the protective frame and survives the boulder that rolls over him, Dakota shows his casual view of Cavendish's death by saying "If you're still alive can we go home now?" ("Murphy's Lard")
    • Dakota stopped Cavendish from walking into the street and getting hit by a car, and said to him in an unsurprised tone, "You almost died," while Cavendish was startled. ("Backward to School Night")
    • Dakota stopped him from walking over a manhole, knowing ahead of time that Milo and the love toboggan were about to blast out of there. ("Love Toboggan")
  • Zack wears two t-shirts.
  • This is the first time Sara and Diogee are seen when they were younger; Milo previously appeared as a baby and a toddler in "Secrets and Pies".
  • Danville has apparently replaced Roger Doofenshmirtz with a new mayor.
  • Milo ordered his new shoes from a dealer on the island.
  • Dakota's song We're Going to the Zoo is sung again by the other versions of him. ("We're Going to the Zoo")
  • This is the first episode with any on-screen death.
  • Footage from "Family Vacation" is played as a flashback to explain what happened to the original Hamosaur. When asked about the story behind it, Milo remarks that the story is "about eleven minutes", alluding to the length of an episode.
  • The mayor references the incident where the old fire engine crashed through a street. ("The Little Engine That Couldn't") Hamosaur 2 ends up replacing the Tyrannosaurus rex display in front of the fire engine museum.
  • Aside from getting crushed by an air conditioning unit, other known ways Cavendish has died include:
    • Going down the expert path at a ski resort and breaking every bone in his body by hitting a tree.
    • Falling into a vat of lava.
    • Head exploding on a distant planet after forgetting to put his helmet on before going outside.
    • Getting dragged out of a plane by opening his parachute too soon.
    • Kicked by a horse through a wall.
    • Falling off a faulty hang glider.
    • Eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex.
    • Falling off a cliff.
    • Hit by a moving train while playing with a dog.
    • Fell into a manhole.
    • Crushed by a mammoth's foot.
    • Drowned in quicksand.
  • Since this episode, some fans compare Dakota to the character Homura Akemi from the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica for his selflessness and dedication in trying to keep Cavendish alive.
  • According to the Captain, this episode takes place on a Wednesday.
  • This is the last eleven-minute episode of season one, as "Fungus Among Us" and the holiday specials are all twenty two minutes.
  • Fourth wall break: Milo says that it would take "eleven minutes" to tell the story of his first encounter with Hamosaur ("Family Vacation").


  • Phineas and Ferb: Near the end, Milo states that the tip of a shoelace is called an aglet. Phineas and Ferb's project in the episode "Tip of the Day¿ was to promote awareness of this fact.
  • Jurassic Park: When Milo stops Hamosaur II from rolling away any further, the statue leans close to a car and his eye can be seen by a child on the inside, this could refer to when the Tyrannosaurus Rex burst out of her holding pen during the black out and looked into the car during the first film.


  • After the events of "Tip of the Day", no one else in the whole Tri-State Area should be aware of aglets. However, the Lost Dakotas and Milo know about aglets.

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