Island of Lost Dakotas
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Population: Several hundred Dakotas
General Information
Known Citizens:
Various versions of Vinnie Dakota
First Appearance:
"The Island of Lost Dakotas"

The Island of Lost Dakotas is a mysterious island somewhere in the ocean with a population made up entirely of hundreds of versions of Vinnie Dakota.

The Island

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The island is in the middle of nowhere, deep in the ocean. It features a massive, smoking volcano surrounded by thick greenery and jagged cliffs. The water around it is filled with treacherous rocks that make it impossible for a larger ship to approach.

The terrain on the island is quite dangerous, with rivers of lava and many cliffs. Part of it is covered in broken and rusted old boats.

The Village

The area where the Dakotas live is surrounded by a massive, sturdy wall of thick wood tied together with heavy rope, with the only entrance being a huge gate that opens in the center. The houses seem to be made of wood, for the most part, with metal roofs. Some are on the ground, while others are supported by the trees.

The Dakotas

There are hundreds of versions of Vinnie Dakota on the island.


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Many of the Dakotas are wearing the outfits they arrived in, while others wear what is left of their tracksuits. Others still are wearing entirely new outfits, many of which are composed of leaves and other stuff found around the island. Likewise, while some keep their hair in Dakota's typical style, others have grown it out long, or have even grown out thick facial hair. They also have varying skin tones depending on how tan they've gotten.

Interestingly enough, however, every single Dakota on the island is still wearing his typical pair of shades.

Notable Versions of Vinnie Dakota

  • Cannibal Dakota
  • Astronaut Dakota
  • Pilgrim Dakota
  • Long Beard Dakota
  • Birthday Suit Dakota
  • Knight Dakota
  • Winter Dakota (Ski Suit)
  • Roman Dakota
  • 1 Normal Untanned Dakota who was most likely Dakota from "Love Toboggan"


The Dakotas of the island keep themselves busy manufacturing and exporting products they make in the factories they built.


In "The Island of Lost Dakotas", a duplicate Dakota travels to the island by bus and by cargo ship after having gone back in time to save Cavendish's life. He meets many other versions of himself living there after previous rescue missions.

In "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", Cavendish, Dakota, Orton Mahlson, and Doofenshmirtz crash land on the island after pressing the emergency escape button to exit the timestream. Doofenshmirtz and Orton promptly get captured by the island Dakotas, having separated from Cavendish and Dakota.


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“-I'm sending myself away to an island. Yeah, not quite sure what I'm gonna find when I get there except for... a bunch of me's. This happens much more often than you'd think.”
—Vinnie Dakota[source]

“Uh, please may I take a look at your ticket? ...You've booked one-way passage to the unknown island shrouded in mystery.”
—The Captain to Dakota[source]

“Welcome to the island of lost Dakotas! Forgive the initiation, you know, we get bored. But we're not gonna cook you.”
—An Island Dakota[source]

“You know, this place is amazing!”
“It is. The only problem, besides Cannibal Dakota, Really Smelly Dakota and Birthday-suit Dakota —”
“It's my birthday!”
“Put on some pants! The only problem is that Cavendish can never know about this place, or us.”
“Yeah, I know.”
A new Dakota, An Island Dakota and Birthday-Suit Dakota[source]

“Hey, it's my orange soda! Where'd you get this?”
“That's how we run our economy. We manufacture laceless shoes and [Orange Soda]. It's been banned in most of the free world, but we export it, why?”
Doofenshmirtz and An Island Dakota[source]



  • Milo orders all his shoes from the Dakotas, not knowing their unique origin.
  • At least one of the residents knows what an aglet is.
  • The island has an active volcano.

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