The Last Halloween is a ragtime song Vinnie Dakota sings during a montage of him and Balthazar Cavendish exploring the fun of trick-or-treating on their first Hallows Eve in the special episode, "Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium".


Vinnie: I think I understand, I think I get the knack!
It's just a way to get free candy! What a racket
We are gonna score tonight. It's gonna be a phenomenon!
Halloween is just the best, too bad it's the last one
We need to stop at every house, oh wait we just passed one!
We've got to make the most of this while it's still going on!
We're going door-to-door, just asking for candy
On any other night, it would be panhandling
I think you know what I mean, it's the last Halloween!

Look at this candy! Look at this loot!
We should avoid that house, I hear they're giving fresh fruit
But right next door they got full-size candy bars!
Hey I got an idea, it's a little bit shady
But if we change costumes, that same old lady's
Gonna give us more candy 'cause she won't know who we are!

Wear a costume that's simple or really elaborate
Using paper mache or just cheap fabric
You could be a ghost and I could be a Frankenstein!
We're going door-to-door, just asking for candy
On any other night, it would be panhandling
But live it up, folks, 'cause tonight's the last Halloween!
Yeah, live it up, folks, 'cause tonight's the last Halloween!


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  • Cavendish and Dakota have never trick-or-treated before because in the future they came from, Halloween had disappeared from existence.
  • The backup singer dressed as Marie Antoinette also appeared in the Phineas and Ferb episode Drusselstienoween.
  • During the "or just cheap fabric" lyric, Cavendish and Dakota can be seen wearing Phineas and Ferb's clothing.
  • During the song, a boy wearing a Perry the Platypus-based costume can be seen multiple times.
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