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— The World's Greatest Goulash's catchphrase

The World's Greatest Goulash is the hero of the Great Screech Owl War of Millennia 2.


He is very clever and very dedicated to helping humanity.

Physical Appearance

His golden body is muscular and shiny with a skinny midriff. His head is a teal slow cooker that has a lid that moves up and down when he talks.


In "The Goulash Legacy", Brigette cooks some goulash for the World's Greatest Goulash Contest, most of which falls victim to Murphy's Law. Her last crockpot of goulash also gets swept up by Murphy's Law figuratively and literally when some of Doofenshmirtz's Inators swap it with a chicken and blow it through the sky in a giant dust devil. It survives only to be stolen by Recurring Raccoon. After being cornered by Diogee, Recurring Raccoon ditches the goulash by throwing it into Doofenshmirtz's shed. There it falls onto a robotic body and sets off a chain reaction that ends with all of Doofenshmirtz's Inators present shooting it at once.

As the smoke clears, the World's Greatest Goulash is born. It is shown getting information about goulash and then flies off to try to save the world. But he gets distracted by Love Handel while they perform their coincidentally relevant song Goulash and runs into his one weakness, sky banners. After getting tangled in the banner, he falls into a time capsule that will be opened in the event of a war with robotic screech owls, which closes behind him.

During the 200 year long Screech Owl War of Millennium 2, Brigette's Goulash was unleashed from his time capsule and went on to become the salvation of humanity.




  • His only "weakness" is sky banners.