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The Yes-Man is a running gag in Milo Murphy's Law, featuring two men talking to each other. One guy makes a few comments about something and a guy standing next to him, titled "The Yes-Man", echoes and agrees with everything he says. Usually, after they're done talking, a big accident happens, relating to the thing they were talking about and they realize that in hindsight, they should have done something to prevent that, instead of standing around talking about it.


In "Disaster of My Dreams", the Yes-Man and his friend were construction workers. The guy had just dug up a giant perfectly round boulder. The two comment on how big and round it is. A seagull flies by and lands on the lever of the excavator, activating it, and making the shovel push the boulder down a hill. The Yes-Man agrees, when the guy states how it was a mistake to leave the engine running, after finishing using the excavator.

In "Love Toboggan", the Yes-Man and his friend are at a snowboarding station. They notice a bolt popping out of the metal sliding sheet. The two stand there discuss the danger of this mishap and how it could lead to the entire sheet curling up like a spool, if the other bolt comes loose, which it does. After that they decide that, they should have told a worker about the loose bolt, before anything like this happened.

In "Fungus Among Us", Cavendish says that they need a time machine and describes all the aspects they need from it, and Vinnie Dakota agrees with everything he says, via repetition, in a similar fashion to the Yes-Man.


First construction worker: Would you take a look at this boulder I dug up? The thing's perfectly round!
Second construction worker: Yeah, round.
First construction worker: I mean, it's like a big marble!
Second construction worker: Smooth!
First construction worker: If this thing ever got rolling, it would never stop!
Second construction worker: Never stop.
(The seagull perches on a lever in the backhoe, which sets the perfectly round boulder rolling.)
First construction worker: I shouldn't have left the engine running.
Second construction worker: Nope. Shouldn't have.
(The pair of men move to set up on the slope, but a bolt pops out of the metal strip.)
First man: That silly bolt popped right out of there!
Second man: Yeah, right out.
First man: There's only one more bolt holding that thing in!
Second man: Yup, just one.
First man: If that other bolt popped out of there, this metal sheet'll roll up like a big spool!
Second man: Yup, a spool.
(The other bolt pops out, and the metal strip begins to spool.)
First man: Probably should've told somebody or done somethin' about it instead of standing here yappin'.
Second man: Yup, probably.

Cavendish: What we need is a working time vehicle. If we can go back in time, we can stop this before it ever started!

Dakota: Yeah, before it started.

Cavendish: We can save all of them!

Dakota: Yeah, we can save all of them!

Episode Appearances


  • In "Fungus Among Us", Cavendish and Dakota exchanged dialogue, that alluded to the way the guy and The Yes-Man talked.
  • The two construction workers are seen in "The Goulash Legacy", but they did not exchange the common running gag.
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