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The Zone was the first television iteration (and first iteration in general) of the Doctor Zone Franchise. The show, created by Orton Mahlson, who would also star in the eponymous role, started in 1965 and lasted an indefinite time until it was succeeded by the second iteration, Doctor Zone.

A sci-fi show that would kickstart a fifty-year ongoing franchise, The Zone followed the adventures of Doctor Zone and his good friend Time Ape as they travel through space and time in their Time Beehicle. During their travels, they overcame many monsters, such as the dreaded Trashcandroids.


Creation (1965)

Orton Mahlson, son of a zoning commissioner, was making his own TV show at Balsawood Studios. Taking the age-old advice, "Write what you know", he pitched a show about a zoning commissioner. His producer demanded that he make the show weird, stating that because it was the 60's, it had to be weird.

Orton went outside for a think and encountered two time-traveling former pistachio protectors Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota, and a 13-year-old boy named Milo Murphy. The time-travelers' behavior and clothing style, along with Milo's description of his show, (of which he is a fan) inspired Orton to create "Doctor Zone", and in turn, the entire franchise.

Unfortunately, in the middle of filming, Pistachions (pistachio monsters from the future) took over the studio, and later, the world. This caused Orton to travel to the future with his new friends to stop the Pistachions. As of this writing, it is unknown what happened, but one assumes that the timeline healed and Orton went back to create the show. ("Fungus Among Us")


The Zone led to the creation of a beloved franchise, with four more iterations, a movie, and a passionate fan-base to follow. The Zone was clearly a cultural phenomenon.


Orton Mahlson as DR. HANKRY ZONE

Milo Murphy as KID

and TIME APE as Himself



  • "The Seed Beasts" were inspired by a real-life invasion of a plant enemy, the Pistachions.
  • The role of KID (portrayed by Milo Murphy) originally belonged to a young Tobias Trollhammer, who would later star in the Krillhunter franchise.


  • But whatever will we do, Doctor? - KID (Milo Murphy) ("The Seed Beasts")
  • Only time will tell! Time for action! Time for danger! Time! To be continued. - DOCTOR ZONE (Orton Mahlson) ("The Seed Beasts")


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