• Thank you all for the ongoing support you've shown in these past few months. As I stated before, I have done a lot of research and have chosen two users to promote to Admin.
    I realize that normally promotions are done with the support of the community, however, we have an immediate need and there is a lot to do.
    Assuming they accept, I have decided to give Admin privileges to User:PhinFerbFan5 and User:Curious Poker Chip.
    They both have done thorough work here and on other wikis and have been clear and open with the rest of the respective communities about why they make the edits they make. Also, I have no doubt they will be swift and direct with me if they feel I'm over doing it, or underdoing it, or what have you.
    Anyone who disagrees with these promotions are encouraged to state your cases here on this thread.
    Of coarse there are many other things to discuss and over the next few days I will be starting other threads to discuss where we go from here.
    Now, as my first official act as Bureaucrat, I'm restoring the old background theme.

    Apparently, I can only upload a background picture from my hard drive and not from the .jpg's stored on the wiki, so I made a snap decision and picked one that was from an episode and didn't have any in your face images.

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    • I think you made a brave choice promoting those two users, especially. Great job Djahuti, and good luck with the wiki. I will be helping you and your admins along the way. I will also be talking to that other bureaucrat/admin that had messed up the background. For now, we need to decide a reasonable BG to attract users.

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    • Good choice. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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    • Congratulations, Djahuti, and also Curious Poker Chip and PhinFerbFan5. The wiki can be better with you guys, but also, it needs more of your hard works to make things back to the way it is. But for now, best of luck. Me, and the other active users, always here if you need help!

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