• I saw you put the list of admins on the navigation bar. It won't be a good idea to put it as the first item of the first navigation bar level. The first level tells the users to visit the place we want the users to, like Characters, Episodes, Songs. The administrators list is a very very small part for the users to look for. So I consider that you should or put it inside the "Misc. and Community" part.

    Here's how:

    *Misc. and Community

    Also, instead of listing the admins and bureaucrats, you shouldn't, and have a link to an article, for example, Milo Murphy's Law Wiki:Administrators (or Project:Administrators). Take an example from the article in Phineas and Ferb Wiki. In the article, you can explain how the adminstrators work and also kindly list the admins there as well.

    Example: **Project:Administrators|Administrators

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    • Over the last six months or so, "who are the Admins" has been a recurring question across all the forums. Not as a topic (well actually, someone did start a thread recently), but it is frequently asked. Add to that all the times someone has asked, "how do we change that?", or "shouldn't it work like...", and staff questions become one the most common themes in the forums. Also, just in the last two months, there were three independent pleas to Community Central regarding MML admins. (that I could find, there are likely more)
      I felt putting a direct link as visible as possible would demonstrate to the currently active users that real change is happening and will be done in full transparency. Especially since I promoted two Admins with out a vote.

      I had originally intended to put the list at the top of "Misc. and Community" but while I was editing the tool bar I saw how incomplete it is (personally, I use "search" to navigate) because there was room for it, I put first thing on top. And sure, there's a bit of me nailing my flag to the mast.

      I hadn't even thought about the tool bar before my promotion, again, I don't use it, but it has become a main concern and I have already been looking at other wiki's tool bars for ideas. Your pointing out that it is a guide to users as to where we want them to go has further impressed upon me it's importance. It's probably going to take a week or two, but it is being addressed. And I do intend to move admins back somewhere down in the menus later.

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    • Okay, glad to hear it. ^^

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    • Heh, the background is better now. But you'd like to make the contents transparent a bit, to see the background. Also you should randomize it like ours too, so it won't be too be episode-specific. :)

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