• Hey, just checking up. The last week or so you seemed to be globally banned, just wondering if you know what that was all about.

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    • I appreciate your paying attention.
      I was blocked for posting an image of a nude character on "Big Mouth Wiki".
      I protested the block because the do's and don'ts of that wiki are confused. (I mean really, it's OK to use vulgar language in describing sex acts but it's not OK to post an image of a nude character?)
      I argued that a warning was more appropriate considering the graphic and vulgar nature of that wiki, and that I have a clean record prior to this single offence.
      The block was reduced from 90 days to 7 days.
      I also tried to contact FANDOM directly to see if I could at least communicate with the other admins on the wikis where I am an admin, but never heard back on that.
      The real downer is the block occurred on day 363 of 365 to earn the wiki hero badge on this wiki.
      I'm working on a letter to FANDOM about the seemingly arbitrary manor their staff manages things. I doubt anyone there will care though.

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    • That sucks, it seems out of line to globally ban someone for any offense on a single wiki (except for maybe sock puppets or real major stuff).

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    • Dos or don'ts, whatever their rules are, still have to follow FANDOM's guideline, and you are the person responsible for your actions. In this case you made a mistake. Nothing toooo.. surprise. 

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    • I do not object to FANDOM's rules. I object to the arbitrary manor in which the rules are enforced by staff. In particular, how my offence was not taken in context of the site where it occurred and without consideration of my history on the wikis.
      Basically, I was exiled for going bare foot in a nudist colony.

      By the way, I have been promoted to admin on the site where I was busted!

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    • A FANDOM user
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