• In "The Island of Lost Dakotas," shouldn't have the duplicate Dakotas disappeared since their timelines don't exist anymore?

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    • wait, if the Vinnie Dakota time clones are still here, then what if they fight the Pistachions alongside Milo, Phineas and the rest in the crossover which then would have Orton write down that Time-Ape is a "Trans-chronological being"  now that would be awsome if it did happen :D

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    • Once you get over the extreme unlikelihood of time travel being possible, (really, if anything larger than subatomic particles can shift through time, it will take an enormous amount of energy. I'm talking multiple gamma bursts channeled into a mass the size of a Prius) an island of Vinnies isn't much of a hole.

      And, Krazy4Kris, if there isn't already a plan for all those Vinnies, eventually the writers will find one. I felt that from the first time they appeared.

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    • I can't really see a canon reason for this, but my personal time travel theory that I posted on another thread (that states that in MML, time is actually sentient), the "time waves" could've not been targeting Dakota, and therefore he was sealed off from the rest of the temporal alterations.

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    • In Phineas and Ferb the Bad Future Candace didn't disapear untill Phineas pointed out she shouldn't exsist. 

      So what if time doubles can stay alive untill somone points out that they shouldn't exsist? If anybody knew how to avoid time doubles from disappearing, it would be an experienced time agent just like Dakota. So all of the Dakota's have to keep telling themselves "I can exsist, I can exsist!"

      I can not take credit for this theory it was thought up by a podcast I watch, "The Show Must Go Wrong". Highly recommend it. It is really funny!

      Have a great day!

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