• I am making this thread to introduce the user rights board. Here, if you want to talk about promoting someone to a user group, or if you want to talk about removing some of their user groups, this is the place to go.

    For promotions, users must need a good amount of edits, have high experience with editing on the wiki, have not been blocked before (unfair illegitimate blocks don't count) and the users will vote on whether or not the candidate is going to be in the user group they were nominated for.

    For demotion, you must state why the user should be demoted (if they're abusing their rights or if they use the rights to vandalize like deleting necessary pages, or if they're inactive just so the user list doesn't, like, for example, if you choose to check the administrators section, there won't be inactive user accounts there). If agreed upon, the user will be demoted.

    To vote, use the templates {{Support}} and {{Oppose}} which will generate the following templates:

    SupportSupport -

    Oppose -

    Spam votes from people who use multiple accounts to re-cast their vote (this action is called sock puppetry), those votes will not be considered toward the final decision and the duplicate accounts used for spam votes will be blocked forever.

    If someone is nominated for a user group and the final result is them being promoted, a bureaucrat is going to promote that user.

    A user cannot nominate themselves, and if they use a sock puppet to do so, they will be found out and the sock puppet account will be blocked indefinitely.

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