• Should there be a page for┬áthe Rouge Cavendish Arc?

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    • Let's wait 'till the Look at this Ship episode will come out. Because there's no Cavendish in recent episodes, we don't know what yo write about.

      Also, why did you posted it on Djahuti's wall?

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    • Per Cool Genius. At the moment, we cannot describe much more aside from what happened at the end of Abducting Murphy's Law. I prefer to wait until we got a few more episodes so we can draw a clear narrative from that.

      Also, yeah, why do you keep posting questions on Djahuti's wall? They guy hasn't been active for months, and he didn't appear much in the last months he was active. You'd be better off if you asked an active admin like Serendipitacely.

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    • So I guess we WILL have a page on Cavendish developing the same relationship with Bob as Candace with Linda.

      Djahuti is an admin, so (s)he can make certain contributions that other users of this wiki can't.

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    • But as I and Cool Genius said before, Djahuti is inactive. His last contribution was back in October.

      As I also said before, Serendipitacely is also and admin, and he IS active. You could ask him for help, too.

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