• Don;'t get me wrong, I did like this ep a lot, but one thing bugged me...what happened to Melissa? They show her in the opening having refreshments with the gang, she snarks Elliot, goes into the auditorium...and that's the last we see of her. I mena as Milo's #1 Best Friend, shouldn;t SHE be there?! She should be sitting with Amanda and Milo's parents, and shouldn;t she be the one to help Amanda search for Milo? Zack has the excuse he was supposed to do an interpretive dance with Lydia but she succumbed to foor poisoning and he had to take her to the hospital. But what's Melissa's excuse? What happened to her? 

    Don;t gety me wrong, I do like Amanda and I like how this ep pretty much sealed the fact she and Milo are a couple now. But Melissa is his #1 Best Friend! So why did she disappear?!

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    • Yeah, that got me too. It was weird she wasn't there. Looks like Melissa didn't get that most tolerant friend award. (I'm joking, I'm sure she did.) They might have been wanting to avoid Melissa/Amanda time until Parks and Wreck, though it wouldn't have been that hard to work around. I guess when you get down to it, she's probably known Milo to get swept up in an adventure and end up miles away before, she knows he can probably handle it, and she doesn't necessarily need to be a part of every adventure. She may be off having an adventure of her own. I find the most likely option that she went with Zack and Lydia to the hospital, them all being good friends (and it wouldn't hurt to make sure Zack and Lydia aren't becoming too good a friends ;) (I can see a fanfic forming in my head right now)).

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    • I dunno....I was so for MiloLissa before but this ep made me start to rethink that. (most tolerant friend? Really?) I mean if your theory is true....that is kinda unlike her. Cause she's known Milo a lot longer than she has Zack. And this is a big night for him.  And of course with the season finale that got put to bed permenently. 

      I do like Amanda and I like how she's grown as a character. She's learned quite a few valuable lessons, like don;t judge by first impressions alone but take the time to get to know someone and you can;t always live your life by a schedule, Sometimes it's good to be spontanious. And it was cute to see her openly flirting  with Milo at the beginning of this ep. But Melissa's disapearance bothered me.  

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