• Hello.

    Two of my most recent stories, "Bowling For You" and "Sunny and Grey 3" have dealt with suicide.

    I too have felt such feelings.

    In fact, many of the moments in those two stories are taken from my life.

    God knows how many times I looked at a busy road or a window and thought that one step, one moment and everyone will be better off, and I'll finally be able to rest.

    You don't need to carry these feelings alone.

    We ALL deal with these feelings.

    I feel the weight of responsibility on my back, so to put money where my mouth is, I've opened up this discussion post.

    If ANYONE wants to share their feelings here, please do.

    We are a family, and we listen to each other.

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    • Dear friend, I really like your idea. First of all, I want to tell you that you still have a lot of talent: writing skills, a humble and polite personality and a caring heart, as far as I know you. If you ever feel alone, remember that this place is always there for you. You can always talk to your friends, and though I don't talk much, I'll try my level best to help you. 

      Though it's been nearly two months since my 18th birthday, there are a lot of things I can't do. I don't even have a job (though it isn't necessary for me at this point, at my last year of high school: yeah, lot of pressure). You people still draw, write and analyse, and that involves a lot of talent. Hope that helped you.

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    • You're a great person to talk to and sharing ideas with you for our fanfics is fun :)

      Don't feel down bro, because you have friends to cheer you up.

      when I was young, I had to put up with my older brother for 15 or so years untl he left home, He constantly bullied me and used me as a servant, I hated it, some days I felt like I want to die. But I chose not to kill myself, as I know that things in the future will get better.

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    • Sorry it took so long to respond. I was caught up with some stuff.

      First off, Beaker, thank you for your kind words. We may not talk much, but you frequently respond quickly at my emergencies. We may not be close friends, but your behavior has been exemplary. I am proud of how kind you are.

      Next, you must remember: Take your time. You have so much life left to live. Society likes to pressure us, make us grow up NOW, get a job NOW, be talented and rich and marry and have kids NOW. You must take your time. I know you will find your great meaning. Just be patient. Remember: Everyone is special.

      Oh Krazy. What would I do without you?

      To hear that someone as funny, friendly and loving as you, someone as artistic and purely innocent as you would have to endure such cruelty is heartbreaking for me. I am sorry that your brother was mean, but I hope that my friendship and love can form some sort of adequate replacement. I am always here for you if you need to talk.

      Thank you for sharing. It can be hard to express our pain, so be proud of your bravery. The first step is the hardest, but you've made it past the hurdle!

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    • Thanks *hugs* I'm glad to have friends :)

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    • All of us are friends here, this place is pretty safe. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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