• Well, guys, to me bashing a character through a fanfic or a story of your own (or anything likes that) is not right at all. Let’s look at some MMl fanfics (since this is a MML fandom afterall). I have seen a lot of authors bashed a character just because that character fears or hates Milo (Bradley is a very specific example) and it feels not right. I have just also read a fanfic called “Banned from the ball” and in that fic, the author turned Principle Milder into an A-class b*tch (no offense to the author by the way). Why do they have to do such a thing? Every character has its own potential, why do they have to waste it and turn them into some kind of villain? I feel very unfair for those characters who got bashed. What is you guys’ opinions. I would love to hear so don’t be shy and feel free to share.

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    • You do realize that's my friend's story you're bashing there, right?

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    • I just used it as an example, man. I can show you a ton of other stories if you like. I have no intention of bashing your friend’s story

      Besides, all I meant to say is they shouldn’t bash a character. I don’t judge the way they write

      Oh, and one more thing, I really didn’t know it was you friend’s story so if you feel offended then I’m very sorry (the last thing I want to do is waging a war in this fandom)

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    • When I saw your review a while ago, I talked to the author about it (as she's also a friend of mine, and she had actually shared ideas and excerpts for this fic with me in the PMs). She stated that, aside from a few things that will happen in a following chapter (which I'm not going to state due to spoilers), that she never really liked Milder since she called Milo a walking disaster magnet right in front of him in "Some Like it Yacht".

      I made a suggestion to hopefully soften down the bashing, by introducing the idea to ban Milo wasn't Milder's, but someone stricter and with higher authority, and Milder had no choice but to agree with them (which I'm not going to disclose, again because spoilers).

      If you want to know those spoiler things and/or want to negotiate a bit, I suggest simply to ask Merigirl in the PMs.

      Oh, by the by, she's also active on this very wiki. She's MelissaFan1.

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