• How was your vacation?

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    • It was great!

      Made me reflect on my life a little. I'm all good though. 

      Halloween was great. Dressed up as Ron Swanson. 

      And I want to be putting out a blog about that CATU interview that came out.

      How about you? Everything good after your grandfathers death?

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    • I'm good! Better than I've been in a while.

      Working on all my projects (including an Amphibia AU blog with a friend I think you'll like!) and that's about it.

      Started following an NFL team (The Minnesota Vikings), I was wondering if you have one!

      Oh, and if it's ok to ask, did you read any of my stories?

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    • I can't wait to read it! I haven't been on that the wiki in a while. I'll probably be more active once Season 2 airs.

      Um, I'm not ahuge sports fan but when I turn on a game and give it a watch I usually find myself having a good time. So I don't have a team. Sorry.

      I read a lot more of Kris and I'm shocked I forgot to read more of it! I appologize.

      Also side note, this Alex2424121 guy on the Disney Wiki is a real stick in my ass. What a jerk. I like to just have a fun time with people, but jeez, looking at some of his past discussions he really doesn't have a cool. 

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    • Man, I'm sorry to hear that. Can I help?

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    • Aw thanks, but I think I'll just have to try to avoid this guy. Thanks for being there for me!

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    • A FANDOM user
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