• So, I've been thinking, and I know you all are wonderfully patient (and I am grateful for that), but due to my insanely busy schedule, a December where I've got some bug Christmas plans, and a million other things, I refuse to let this story drag out.

    So, I have a proposal: I've already got about 8 (maybe more maybe less) chapters ready. I wanted to release it as a movie, but the way this is going, maybe it is better like this.

    My question is, to every person I know on this wiki: Are you planning to read this or not, and if you are, would you rather one big release or chapters?

    Thank you,

    The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy.

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    • Hello, TMMLWG, my dear friend!

      Seriously, as always, I totally understand the busy schedule - take as long as you need. For my part, I'm extremely busy right now, too. I'm absolutely planning on reading this, but it's going to be a while until then!

      I've got so much catching up to do before I'm ready to read Cav vs the World, so my thoughts shouldn't count for too much yet, but I've personally always prefered chapters, myself. I love waiting and having time to re-read fics in smaller parts, and I can put more detail into my comments that way. But that's just me, and I'll be just as excited either way.

      In the meantime, how are you doing? What have you been up to?

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    • I'm good! Getting a lot of work done recently, working on an Amphibia side blog on Tumblr with my newfound soul sister/brother/BroSis (They're non-binary and are ok with pretty much every gender), and in general things are better.

      What about you?

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    • Oh man, that's fantastic! I'm so glad you're doing good, and that you've been getting a lot of work done, and that you've made a new soul sibling - they sound absolutely amazing! And I'm so happy to hear that things are better in general.

      No obligation, but if you ever feel like sharing your side blog, I'd love to see it! But it's fine if you'd rather not!

      I've been doing great, myself! I've been so busy - there are a lot of family birthdays around this time of year, and my great aunt decided she wanted to move in with me for a month or so. She's so sweet, and most of my free time goes to hanging out with her these days.

      Otherwise, I finally fixed my computer! After over a month of trying things, the fix was embarrassingly easy, but it really makes me appreciate having it working again.

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    • Great! Happy to hear that! I hope things will keep being on the up with you and OF COURSE I will gladly share with you the blog when it is up!

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    • hmmm.. what if you do chapters as parts, then you have time to do other things. :)

      I'll read part 1 and other parts if they're up of course ^^

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    • HEY GUYS! Well, IT'S OFFICIAL! "Balthazar Cavendish Vs The World" will be split into chapters, with the first coming... TOMORROW! Yes, on Saturday, November 16th, you will get to see the story I've been teasing for nearly a year! I must note that it is a short chapter, and the real meat begins in Chapter 2, but still! And every two days, a new chapter will be posted! With Author's notes and all! I really REALLY hope you all will talk to me about the story, through comments or message walls or chats! I'm down for anything, from raging critiques to loving praise to curious questions! Now, before I leave you, here's the first and only trailer for "Balthazar Cavendish Vs The World"! Hit it!

      (Black screen) (We see nothing but hear all) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): The time... Has come... (Footage of Dakota leaving Cavendish) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): He's hurt him long enough... (Footage of Dakota as a mess, in the shower, bleeding from knife wounds) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): For so long, we've waited for him to save us... To help us exist... (6 other shadowy figures all lift their hoods and stare anxiously at Dakota) (Nothing) (Slow, metallic breathing) (Red piercing eyes) (Wide smile that shines like a Cheshire cat) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): Now... (Dakota cowers in fright as they land in front of him) (The Seventh Shadowy Figure steps up to Dakota and grins) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): We'll finally save him from that monster... (The Seventh Shadowy Figure scoops Dakota up and kisses him. Dakota is shocked) The Seventh Shadowy Figure: Hello... Vinnie... (Cut to black) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): Who can POSSIBLY stop us? (Sudden cut to Balthazar Cavendish, looking at Denise from the Breakfast Burrito Store) Denise: Balthy, you're... Balthazar Cavendish: I know... A failure. ("Careless Whisper" by George Michael plays as Cavendish strolls down town, feeling sorry for himself and looking worse and worse off) Balthazar Cavendish (V.O): I treated Dakota like shit, I ruined our relationship, and worst of all, I don't see what I did wrong! (Cavendish sits down on the couch, almost passed out from being drunk) Balthazar Cavendish (V.O): I tried to love him, really! (Cavendish sits down and cries as a knife is thrown at him) Balthazar Cavendish (V.O): Please... It can't be my fault... (Two kids look up at Cavendish and shake their heads from the donut he's eating) Kids: Cavendish, it is your fault... (Dakota looks at Cavendish, with regret and anger, and Denise looks at him with encouragement and hope) Dakota/Denise: Now what are you going to do about it? (Cavendish seems scared, and unsure) (From "The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy AU") (Cavendish leaps as a high heel strikes him on the face) Dakota (V.O): I loved you with all my heart, and you still acted like I was nothing! (Cavendish dodges teddy bears and shoots a strike with a bowling ball) Dakota (V.O): But I know what it's like to be forced to change... To be hated for being you... (Cavendish floats in space) (Cavendish digs a grave, and sighs in the rain) (Cavendish smiles sadly at a weeping Mr. Block) Dakota (V.O): And I know that deep down... (Cavendish gets an anime girl transformation as a robot arm punches him) (Cavendish gets served tea dressed like Alice In Wonderland) (Cavendish dances with a broom) Dakota (V.O): Deep down there IS a good man there. Someone who wants to be loved and wants to love... (Cavendish walks away from explosion all cool like with shades) Dakota (V.O): So tell me... (Music stops) (Cavendish stumbles to his feet and stands tall as the Seventh Shadowy Figure laughs maniacally and Dakota hides) (Cut to black) (Cavendish closes his eyes) (And gives a thumbs up) Dakota (V.O): When are you going to be Balthazar Cavendish? (Titles roll) BALTHAZAR CAVENDISH VS THE WORLD COMING TOMORROW SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS! THE MILO MURPHY'S LAW WIKI GUY

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