• Does anyone else want a Milo Murphy's Law Soundtrack?

    Tell me your thoughts, and the top 8 songs you want most?

    1. Chop Away at My Heart (This is my favorite MML song)

    2. Rooting for the Enemy

    3. I Can't Find You

    4. A Bumpy Ride Tonight

    5. Don't Break Me

    6. I Want a Girl with a Suti of Armor

    7. Athledecamathalon

    8. TLC

    (I would have said "It's My World" or "We're Going to do It Again" but they already are available)

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    • Chop away at my heart is definitly up there for me too. It jumps so easily into my head.

      TLC would be up there too for me, it was so sweet.

      The rest are all great too!

      Though I'd also add the Doctor Zone title sequence theme.

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    • I forgot Murphy Family Vaction. I like Doctor Zone title also.

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    • I absolutely want the rock soundtrack you can hear in "The Phineas and Ferb Effect when Milo, Phineas and Ferb use the Murphy suit to fight pistachions. Most of the songs in the show can be heard without dialogues and noises from the episode itself, but that one is nowhere to be found! It would be so great!

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    • Chop Away at my Heart, Chop Away at my Heart (The Phineas and Ferb Effect Version), Pressure, Murphy Family Vacation, Rooting For the Enemy, Don't Break Me,...... Basicallly every song exept for Snow Day (maybe) and Its Raining Cats and Dogs.

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