Toby is a little boy from the far future.


He is hard to prove facts and statements to and does not apologize to people, even when he knows he should.


He wears a yellow shirt with a light green vest. He also wears blue shorts with dark black shoes.

He has black skin with black eyes and hair. He also has three dark dots on each of his cheeks.


In "The Goulash Legacy", his grandfather tells him the story of how The World's Greatest Goulash was created. After the story he protest the story, but the Greatest Goulash tells him "Don't sass your elders" and flies off. After this he points out that he owes his grandfather an apology, but does not give him one.


Toby's Grandfather

He seems to think his grandfather jokes a lot, seeing how he doesn't believe the Goulash story he tells him.




  • He is the first male character to be voiced by Kate Micucci.
  • His hair and skin bares resemblance to Baljeet.
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