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Toby's Grandfather is an old man existing eons from the trio's time.


He is very passionate in the lore of The World's Greatest Goulash and believed he was entitled to teach his grandson Toby of how the Goulash hero saved them from The Great Screech Owl War of Millennia 2.

Physical Appearance

Toby's Grandfather has light brown skin with light gray hair. He also has dark grey eyebrows and brown eyes.

He wears a yellow/red/blue futuristic suit of some kind.


In "The Goulash Legacy", he begins to tell Toby the story of The World's Greatest Goulash. However, Toby makes fun of his grandfather for believing in The World's Greatest Goulash, only to anger him. He then proceeds to tell the full story of how The World's Greatest Goulash was created eons ago.

After he finishes his story, Toby still doesn't believe him only for The World's Greatest Goulash to yell "Respect your elders" proving the elder right.