Going the Extra Milo

  • At the start of the episode, a bungee cord breaks loose and drops in front of Milo and Zack at the bus stop. This is followed by the concrete drainage pipe which the bungee was supporting rolling into the scene, as Milo and Zack run away from it. Milo uses the bungee to fling himself and Zack onto the drainage pipe, ending up running on it as they fall off a cliff into the mud. This whole ordeal results into the two missing the bus.
  • Milo suggests to take the bus at the next stop using the GPS on his phone, but it won't function properly due to them falling in the mud. He then pulls out a paper map, but an eagle snatches it out his hands.
  • Milo and Zack are halted by construction workers as an oil spill has been spreading over a rock quarry. Milo brought galoshes so they can trek through the oil, but the eagle with the map returns, dropping the map as it's set on fire by electricity. The flaming map drops into the oil spill, combusting into a huge blaze.
  • Milo and Zack route to Coyote Woods. As the woods is a wolf preserve, the two promptly get chased by a pack of wolves. Milo throws a sandwich of peanut butter and jelly to them, claiming the wolves favor peanut butter, but the sandwich latches onto Zack's back. They climb up a tree as Milo notes that bees actually cause more fatalities than wolves do, right as they see a beehive next to them. As they jump over a fence out of the woods, right when the beehive dropped out of the tree and fell on the head of one of the wolves. The beehive-wearing wolf then breaks through the fence and chases Milo and Zack.
  • Milo and Zack fall into a sewer. When Zack is about to state his qualms about all the calamity that has happened so far, a raccoon interrupts them briefly, which Milo avoids.
  • Milo and Zack leave the sewers and reach a construction site, when a foreman pulls a valve to turn the water back on. However, this construction site just so happens to be the one where the bungee and drainage pipe from before came from, and as they are currently missing, this creates a tidal wave flooding the construction site. Milo and Zack use a wheelbarrow to escape running on a crane, which breaks and drops the two on a flowing truck.
  • Milo and Zack end up at a river, where they attempt to climb up the Maple Street Bridge, when the beehive-wearing wolf from earlier shows up. Fortunately, Diogee shows up to fend the wolf off, resulting it falling in the river and losing the beehive.
  • The wolf climbs ashore on a car road. A car tries to avoid it, crashing into a water tower, which drops into the river and carries Milo and Zack out of the river, falling over a cliff.
  • Milo and Zack end up landing on a UFO, as the aliens inside carry them inside their spacecraft for experimenting. However, the aliens teleport them back to school when Zack asks them to.

The Undergrounders

  • As Milo tries boarding the subway, he gets stuck in the gate, rolls out of it and manages to handwalk into one of the subway cars; becoming the center of attention, as Bradley predicted.
  • The one subway car that only has Milo, Melissa and Zack on board, as it starts shaking, when it's revealed the coupling between their car and the other one is loose, eventually breaking free. This gets Amanda's attention, and everyone else's (much to Bradley's chagrin), as Milo's subway car tumbles deep in the underground and ends up in Subterranus.
  • As the Undergrounders escort Milo, Melissa and Zack to the inner city of Subterranus, several objects they passed through, such as a rope bridge and some wooden support beams, fall down.
  • Milo, Melissa, Zack and the Undergrounders follow Diogee for a way out. However, Melissa trips as she and Milo get trapped under a rubble of boulders. They managed to escape with the help of Zack, just as the boulders give in and collapse into each other.
  • Milo, Melissa, Zack and the Undergrounders reach a working subway car, which they use to escape, but they eventually reach a point lever, set to lead the car into a track that ends on an open gap. Milo tries to set the tracks on a different path with the lever, but it breaks off. The car fortunately made it over the gap, right when it turns out they drive right into a dead end.
  • They crash into the dead end, which has the group end up at the natural history museum, where the rest of Milo's class is. This event causes a dinosaur skeleton drop above Bradley, trapping him.

Rooting for the Enemy

  • Milo's tapping causes the bleachers he's sitting on to collapse, as everyone sitting on them falls onto the Jefferson County Middle School's cheerleading band.
  • Milo shows the thank-you notes he receives from the school to his friends, as the wind blows them away and causes off-screen disaster.
  • Milo and Melissa explain to Zack about their "Not Football Friday" tradition, as they flashback to a playing card session between them. In said flashback, an orangutan shows up and kidnaps Melissa.
  • Mort notifies Milo that the coach allows Milo to attend the next football match, as he believes they're going to lose anyway. Mort then slips and falls off a hill into dumpster, rolling into a river. Mort blames his blocked chakra, though.
  • At home, Milo shows excitement about being allowed to attend the game, as he cartwheels out of the room when sounds of disaster occur offscreen. It's quickly revealed that the sounds actually come from a music player, playing a CD entitled "Sounds of Disaster". The music player falls into pieces, however, and the CD flies out of the player, breaking through a window and causing actual sounds of disaster.
  • Milo passes Joni, who tells him she just had her cast off from last time she sat with Milo, right when she gets injured again.
  • As expected, the football game of the Jefferson County Middle School Geckos goes terribly against the Middletown Middle School Tigers: as the game begins, when the ball gets kicked, it hits a seagull, which gets caught by a Gecko player as the ball lands on his head. A baton twirler from the Gecko's school band gets distracted, and accidentally knocks out another member with her baton. Mort gets the ball, but smashes into a tuba player thanks to on of the Tiger players (still blaming his chakra).
  • During the match, one of the food vendors, who offers crème brulee, accidentally sets the opposing goal post aflame with his blowtorch, nearly falling on Zack.
  • When Milo jokingly roots for the Tigers, his bag of snail snacks blows out of his hands and lands in the face of a Tiger player, crashing into their Tiger mascot and dropping the ball. The ball gets in possession of a female Gecko player, and manages to score a point when other Tiger players fail to get her as she runs in circles. This causes Melissa to get an idea to turn the tides.
  • Milo gets in Middletown Tigers merchandise and goes rooting for the enemy. During his song, many accidents occur to the Tigers.
  • The Tiger mascot goes cheering for his team and runs into the referee, as the head of his costume flies onto Mort, blindly rushing a Tiger player, who loses control over the ball passed to him. The ball flies into a spotlight, shining so brightly that it blinds a truck driver, causing him to crash into a light pole. The light pole drops into a subway, causing a drill inside to activate and digs through the football field.
  • As the score board reveals the final goal in favor of the Geckos, it bursts aflame, thanks to the food vendor with the blowtorch.
  • As a crowd picks up Milo and carries him around while chanting his name, he bumps his head on a tilted goal post. Then, the ground beneath them gives way and drops them into a pit, as the goal post then collapses on them. When Melissa asks Milo if he's OK, he gives her a thumbs-up, only to reveal he broke his thumb.

Sunny Side Up

  • Zack brought eight dozen eggs (a total of 96) in two bags to Milo's house for their physics project, and rings the doorbell after putting the bags down. Milo opens the door widely and accidentally smashes one bag into the wall, destroying half of Zack's egg supply. When Melissa arrives with her own, much larger supply of eggs, Zack questions if she isn't being a little excessive, when Milo's door falls off its hinges and crushes Zack's other half of eggs. A light promptly drops on the fallen door.
  • During the musical montage, Milo, Zack and Melissa make several attempts to create a good container for their eggs to be protected when it's being dropped. Naturally, several eggs break before even being stuffed inside a container, and some containers don't pass the requirement either.
  • After the montage, Zack tries out a square container with drone-like properties, such as propellers. It seems to work, but it then flies in the distance, hits a bird, drops to the ground and explodes.
  • After Melissa lists a variety of egg hazards on a drawing board and state they need to build a container that can withstand all of them, the drawing board collapses, and the egg resting atop it breaks.
  • Between the drawing board collapsing and the trio concocting Big Bertha, 10.132,05 eggs have broken within the passing of 17:22 hours.
  • After Big Bertha's successful drop, Milo wants to see the state of the egg, accidentally hitting a plank in his treehouse and drops on the ground. Zack manages to get Big Bertha out of the way before the plank makes an impact.
  • After it's decided that Zack carries Big Bertha to his home, and Melissa keeps the remaining egg in hers, Martin arrives home on a bicycle, having no control over it while riding through the backyard, crashing through a hedge into a car.
  • The next morning, while Zack and Melissa had a nightmare in which the container and egg respectively got destroyed and wake up to see them intact, Milo had a dream in which nothing happens. When he wakes up, a tree had crashed through his window.
  • Melissa and Zack arrive at school with the egg and container. As they make it to class, they dodge a leaky drinking fountain, a sneezing student, and a dropping clock, discovering that Milo had already arrived.
  • Milo walks off to the corner of the science class, so the egg wouldn't be harmed. Unfortunately, his cheering causes the skeleton beside him to hit a giant brain, bouncing across the class and breaking their egg in the process. Luckily, however, Milo still had an egg of his own in his pockets.
  • Milo and Zack drop Big Bertha as the last team of the egg dropping assignment. It seems to go well, when a delivery truck suddenly arrives, bouncing the container into a kickball game, a game of football, a polar bear tank in the zoo, on a freeway, through wind turbines, towards a news copter, and finally back to the school where the delivery truck is standing. Said delivery truck is filled with eggs, and thus combusts into an explosion of egg yolk once Big Bertha makes an impact. The egg inside manages to survive all of the chaos.

The Doctor Zone Files

  • in the waiting line outside the movie theater that's going to play The Doctor Zone Files: The Movie Files, Zack asks Sara what could go wrong now they've arrived. Being Milo's big sister, Sara has flashbacks to several Mutphy's Law incidents she has witnessed: one where a train drove over her birthday cake in the backyard; another where she and Milo were playing mini golf, and the blades of a windmill model flew off and destroyed other models; and a third in which she and Milo were eating ice cream when a cement truck swerves uncontrollably. The cement truck did no harm to Sara, but her ice cream drops off her cone later.
  • While Sara makes sure Murphy's Law is not going to ruin her day as she, Milo, Zack and Melissa are still waiting outside the theater, a gust blows their movie tickets out if her pocket. Sara manages to grab them just in time, making sure to never let them go.
  • Milo and Sara cross the street to buy pistachios from Cavendish and Dakota. As the two peculiar vendors bicker, a pistachio knocks over a bunch of condiments, resulting into the oil being dumped into the broiler, and launching the pistachio stand in the air, covering Cavendish and Dakota in soot.
  • When she sees Melissa and Zack getting threatened by her fellow Doctor Zone fans, Sara drops everything to give them a heartful speech. Unfortunately, she put down her tickets on a car that drove away while she was holding her speech, and only realizes this afterwards.
  • The pistachio stand from earlier then collides with the wall of a theater, conveniently creating a large gap with a clear view to the Doctor Zone movie.

The Note

  • A gust of wind made by a bypassing truck blows the signature paper of Milo's doctor's note away. Milo, Zack and Melissa chase the note through the entirety of town, including an office building, a parade and a recycling center.
  • When Milo tries to grab the note after falling from a drone from the Government Agents, he stumbles into a trash can.
  • In the office building, Milo asks an office worker to lift her cup from the note. When doing so, she and another office worker notice the coffee stain her cup made resembles Franklin Eugene Austin, and every other office worker wants to see it too, as the note gets blown away by a fan another office worke just activated.
  • At the parade, Milo tries to grab the attention of Wilson the astronaut, as the note got stuck on his back. However, as he bangs on the car, Wilson instead gets post-traumatic flashbacks and freaks out.
  • When Melissa sees the note at the recycling center, her shoelaces get stuck on the conveyor belt leading towards a shredder. Milo attempts saving her, trying to reach her by climbing up a crate hanging on a rope, which snaps. Murphy's Law eventually causes a pipe segment to get stuck in the shredder, which gives Melissa time to free herself from the conveyor belt.
  • When Milo retrieves the note after all that chaos, it turns out the note Melissa saw wasn't for Milo: it was instead for Lola Sunderguard.
  • After their adventure, they get halted by Elliot, who gets accidentally disintegrated by the Government Agents.

Party of Peril

  • When Milo tries to use the drinking fountain, it spouts a stream of water in his face and wets his clothes, as he leaves to his locker to bet some dry ones.
  • During Milo's absence, Zack hears from Melissa that Milo hasn't had a birthday party since his last one, as a flashback shows the Murphy home surrounded by helicopters and emergency services, as a fireman chases a horse and a clown gets carried into an ambulance by a paramedic. The house also explodes with confetti and black smoke.
  • As Melissa, Zack, Martin and Brigette decide to plan a surprise party for Milo, the drinking fountain from earlier falls off the wall and blasts a student with a gush of water, shortly before Milo arrives.
  • A day later, as Milo is doing a small favor for Melissa (actually to have Milo arrive to the surprise party), she sets up Elliot to make sure Milo doesn't arrive too early. Milo asks the self-proclaimed Safety Czar if he could bring a duck back to his habitat, and while Elliot tries dropping the duck off to a nearby pond, he gets attacked by the waterfowl and drops into the pond himself.
  • Soon afterwards, Milo warns him to duck, as Elliot gets hit by a tire on a rope carried by a helicopter.
  • Cycling up a hill, Milo dodges cans, ball bearings, and slinkies.
  • Due to Amanda's countermeasures at the Play Park Go-Kart Fun Track, not many accidents happen during the surprise party. There are a few exceptions, including a loose tire that somehow hits Elliot again.
  • One other exception, that in fact results into a benefit, is that Amanda's bubble machine and a bunch of balloons gets flung in the air. The bubble machine and lands on a road, causing an ice cream truck to swerve and get its ice cream flung in the air. Something similar happens to a cake truck when it encounters a flock of ducks. The balloons float in front of a plane carrying dynamite, distracting the pilot, who accidentally drops the dynamite in the process. The cake, ice cream and dynamite collide and create a huge explosion of ice cream and cake above the party.
  • At the end of the episode, angry ducks invade the party.

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