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Hi guys. People call me Thanh Tú in Vietnam, but you can call me Tugiacat, for good sake. So why am I even here? One obvious reason: I love Milo Murphy's Law with all my heart. It's from the creator of Phineas and Ferb - the most iconic show of all time, and though I love that show, Milo Murphy's Law is a different case. It's really the first show I actually get to be a fan of its journey, I've got to be in a great fandom, and we have people who shows great opinions and a lot of enthusiasm.

I joined the "FANDOM powered by Wiki" at 2015 I think, and Phineas and Ferb Wiki Vietnamese was the first wiki I got in touch with. Since I worked and built stuff mostly by myself there, I actually gained some weird experience and knowledge about the show. Until August 2016, when the Milo series was announced to air in October 3, 2016, I was so hyped and actually got created another wiki called Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Vietnamese. Since then, I have known a lot of things about both shows, and actually, I don't feel which show is better than another. I love these two shows equally - it both makes my life more colorful. So, if you have any questions about Milo Murphy's Law or Phineas and Ferb or how the wiki system works, (yep, I'm capable of answering this, I got two Vietnamese wikis and some adminstration experiences in my hand, hello) feel free to send me!


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  • "You're really into semantics" / "And you have too many chinchilas"
  • "Thank you, Milo!"
  • Taking notes for Spotlight AU
  • Joining for Career Day...

Episode Preference

Thanks to WaffleTail for the idea of the matchups and Arend for the table.

Episodes in BOLD are the winning titles, but that doesn't mean others are bad by default.

Season 1

Episode A Episode B Notes
1 Going the Extra Milo The Undergrounders Here we go, two first episodes. Both are really good and I consider this matchup a tie. Milo's introduction is great and the adventure in the underground has the fun as well. Still prefer the first episode a little more.
2 Rooting for the Enemy Sunny Side Up Both episodes are generally great and have catchy songs, but Sunny Side Up is better for good pacing. I mean, between just one of many school games that Milo takes part in to root for the enemy, and the idea of a competition to test how an egg will survive when dropped from the roof of the school, I like the latter one better.
3 The Doctor Zone Files The Note "The Doctor Zone Files" feels slow for the most part. While the heart from it is really... something, it just can't win over the excitement and the pure bond betweeen our iconic trio. "The Note" is a classic, baby! (And it's a big inspiration for my Spotlight AU)
4 Party of Peril Smooth Opera-tor Okay another tie. Party of Peril gives us the best Milo's birthday ever which Amanda takes part in organizing, Smooth Opera-tor reveals Milo's crush is Amanda, and how he deeply cares for her.
5 Worked Day The Wilder West Unlike The Doctor Zone Files, Worked Day is a true heart episode. It feels relatable. Milo tries to pick a career that suits for him and Murphy's Law just never lets him alone. It shows us more about Milo and his life (Loving that final moment between him and his mother). While The Doctor Zone Files feels rather simple, just sister and brother watching their favorite show in common (which I can rag on for a whole solid day). And I didn't even mention the Cavendish and Dakota's subplot.

The Wilder West is fine. It could be better if we had more from Zack and Jackie's relationship, or maybe Cavendish and Dakota, because Sara's time is just kind of too much.

6 Family Vacation Murphy's Lard I do like family vacations. That's the main reason I favor this episode a little bit to everyone else. The CGI is cheap I must admit, but overall, it's something I can rewatch comfortably (the screaming joke never fails me).

Murphy's Lard is exciting too. Milo and Melissa's fans are gonna love between the two best friends forever. So, it's the third tie!

7 Secrets and Pies Athledecamathalon Zack can sing? That's very interesting indeed! The whole telling the secrets idea is really on point, as we get to know more from the characters, more weird dreams (nice job Melissa), more of their backstories. Lumberzacks is revealed after many foreshadows.

Athledecamathalon has many great jokes, but it can't be another Sunny Side Up.

8 The Substitute Time Out Uh-oh. I have two opposite opinions about this pair. The Substitute has many crazy action sequences, the boring sarcastic substitute teacher... Cavendish and Dakota actually gets to do something which, in my opinion, is greater than anything they have ever assigned to. It's also the start of the Pistachio Arc. The episode is awesome overall.

While Time Out just isn't as good as I expected. Milo's plot is fine the way it is, but the introduction of Brick and Savannah feels rushed and... I'm not too crazy for it, which I had hoped I did. At least Cavendish and Dakota's hard truth and the rivalry to Milo are on point

9 We're Going to the Zoo School Dance The zoo is packed with Milo, Zack and Sara's shenanigans (the screaming gag again!). Also I like Sara better than all of the other episodes she appeared before. Cavendish's rivalry to Milo is on point again. And of course, more developments for Milo and Amanda's relationship and it's really sweet. Both episodes also have really really good songs.
10 Battle of the Bands The Math Book An awesome episode for Zack's old band Lumberzacks, and Zack's new band Just Getting Started. The Math Book is a nice and underrated episode. Some parts don't really get me, but overall, it's a good episode that lots of fans don't seem to get along with it.
11 The Little Engine That Couldn't The Llama Incident The fifth tie! What can I say, Mr. Chase realization after the adventure with Milo and Melissa is really paid off. While The Llama Incident is really hilarious and fun as I hope to an event that has been foreshadowing for many times. They're really on something with it
12 Star Struck Disaster of My Dreams Star Struck is just here and there, but Disaster of My Dreams is another Elliot episode that I actually enjoy. Also the full version of Just Roll With It playing when Elliot chases after a perfect round boulder gives this episode a win!
13/14 Missing Milo The best episode of the whole show! No offense, other episodes. The show is generally great and I love it with my heart, but nothing can beat the true Missing Milo! That's why it deserves to have no contender! Heck, it's an hour-long special.
15 A Clockwork Origin Perchance to Sleepwalk I like the story of C.I.D.D.'s origin, and the debate between Clyde and Victor. But the latter episode has Milo sleepwalking through the woods (I'm taking a stroll, in the moonlight take take taking a stroll) and Cavendish and Dakota's ditch day ("You have me at destroy"). Overall, Perchance to Sleepwalk is funnier.
16 A Christmas Peril No matchups here. Between two holiday episodes, the Halloween one is better in my opinion. But A Christmas Peril does have two good plots. The whole idea of Milo getting his family together is adorable and on point. While Cavendish and Dakota's shenanigans never fail to make me laugh.
17 Some Like it Yacht Backward to School Night Both episodes are great in their own way. Some Like it Yacht is funny while Backward to School Night is adorable, and really teaches us some lessons (no hard feelings) about being adults. The heart from the school night is even better than Doctor Zone Files... anyway, you get what I mean.
18 World Without Milo The Race The Race is a whole lot better than World Without Milo (metaphorical and literal). Another episode for our trio to treasure, and it has some nice moments from Zack and Melissa. They're trying to back up for Milo by using his backpack, which they don't usually do and do terrible at it. Finally it ends with the two making for Milo a makeshift finish line, which I thought it was adorable and thoughtful of them. Cavendish and Dakota's subplot is fine, and now we know the revealation of the first Murphy from 1865 when the time he stays is a Bermuda Triangle for time travellers. Interesting stufss there.

World Without Milo is funny instead. An Elliot episode is always my favorite. But it kinda feels slow at some point, and the Elliot being nice to Milo doubtfully will get on. I don't know, is it too soon or is it just fine to let him be nice for a moment before he gets off track in another episode? It kinda confuses me, but I do like the premise actually.

19 Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium! There's no match for this 22-minute episode but if compared to the Christmas episode, this will have the win. I like the bond between Milo and Zack here, as Milo willingly helps Zack to be feared of Halloween like when he was a kid. It never succeeds even when Elliot scares all of his friends, until his father meets him with a Holy Mackerel costume, and Zack finally freaks out as he generally scares of fishes. It's just so hilarious.

Meanwhile, Dakota along with Cavendish are learning what it takes to have a great Halloween as in the future, they don't exist anymore. After a great musical number and two basket full of candies, they realize that they are the cause to end the Halloween by leaving a time grenade to a child. They try to stop it and they have succeeded, and it turns out they are the creators of the Leap year. An adorable yet exciting plot. Dakota is a nice person, everybody gets that!

20 Love Toboggan The Island of Lost Dakotas The seventh tie already? Well, this matchup is worth it. Love Toboggan is a sweet episode. It's pleasantly good and the Toboggan song, I think it's even better than the original song from P&F. Meanwhile, the latter episode giving us Dakota's true determination to save Cavendish, an interesting story about the island of lost Dakotas, and of course, more Milo, Zack and Melissa's moments. (I'm all tied up with you!!)
21 Fungus Among Us The season finale also deserves to have no opponent. This is a great season finale overall. The tone is pretty dark, but it continues the Pistachio Arc and gives us the real plan from the Pistachions in order to take over the world, in-depth: making rubber human masks until they outnumber the human race. It's kind of silly yet evil!

Season 2

Episode A Episode B Notes
1/2 The Phineas and Ferb Effect The second 45-minute episode. It's just a fun crossover special and while it isn't as good as Missing Milo. I still find it enjoyable. After all, the episode you have been waiting for so long has finally come out.
3 Snow Way Out Teacher Feature Both are great episodes to start off the second season, but Snow Way Out is sorta better. It's snow-themed Going the Extra Milo, with Cavendish and Dakota's time travel plot and a musical number which I pleasantly like. The Scott and Murawski's date is funny though.
4 Picture Day Agee Ientee Diogee Milo can't get a school photo because of the cameras and not the photos themselves. It is more interesting that agent Diogee, even though both are good episodes. ZIPPY! THE WORLD'S FASTEST KOALA! And that Bob Block guy is... something.
5 Game Night Pace Makes Waste Again, a great pair of episodes. But Pace Makes Waste is basically racing, Milo and Elliot, Game Night has a lot more characters and great jokes than that.
6 Cake 'Splosion! Lady Krillers Now Cake 'Splosion is amazing. It's so excited and adorable that when I finished watching it in Spanish I immidiately wanted an English version. And it didn't disappoint me, even until now. The development between Milo and Amanda continues, and during the competition, Amanda realizes Milo is more of a walking disaster. In the end, they both win it. Milo blushes when Amanda happily embraces him. D'aww! It's just perfect! Also other characters have many great lines. I consider this the best Season 2 episode. Lady Krillers, just like Star Struck, doesn't get me as much as the awesome Milanda episode.
7 Doof's Day Out Disco Do-Over Ah... a great pair. Doof's Day Out is funny with Doof all over the place, as he finds his way to become a great person. Disco Do-Over includes many great moments for Brigette and Martin. And the Cavendish and Dakota struggling with the old lady is also hilarious and creepy. I think Doof's Day Out is kind of better, but it's not fair for skating and dancing. So... a first tie in the second season matchups.
8 The Ticking Clock Managing Murphy's Law Victor and Clyde return and the story is even better than the clockwork origin. I find Doof and Perry's plot pretty sastifying. And the musical number appears to be one of the best in the season. But of course, it can't win over the pure epicness coming from Managing Murphy's Law. Cavendish and Dakota's plot... it's surreal and weird and hilarious! The Just Getting Started plot is just sweet, and I really enjoy the Just Getting Started soon. And more of Milanda's development. Amanda says their relationship is... just getting started, as she kisses him on the cheek. Perfect, and it's just... getting started (I feel sort of silly right now).

And the alien introduction to the series couldn't make it even better than it already has.

9 Field of Screams Spy Little Sister! Another tie?! I guess my heart is really opened. Anyway, both are fun episodes. While it seems boring at first, I eventually enjoy the trio plot. They just do fun stuffs at the farm, and crazy things happen when they meet Cavendish and Dakota under alien costumes.

Spy Little Sister is a great episode focusing Melissa. We haven't seen much of her actual development. Most of it just comes from the bond between her and Milo, or when she is being with her two boys. Richard you evil thing! Richard, get over here and see how awesome your daughter is!

10 Milo's Shadow Sick Day That's that, the second tie in a row. With Doof in for both episodes, they feel pretty similar. Doof tags along with Milo to learn more about dealing with bad luck. Doof tries to be a good guy while Perry prevents him from making things worse, and the breakup starts from here. And I know a friend who likes this episode for a certain moment.

One question: are we sure that the aliens are going to be bad? I doubt it.

11 Freefall Milo's World Third tie in a row. To be honest, I didn't expect that to happen. Forget it, when does that even bother me?

Most of the fans will just look at the sky when they watch Freefall. I'd say we should look at the sky AND the bond from the iconic trio. It feels like another version of "The Note." And this time, with Cavendish and Dakota. Love it so much!

Milo's World? It wins for the new trope - his friends theorizing how Milo can deal with Murphy's Law. It's just adorable and hilarious. Both episodes deserve to win yay!

12 Dog Walker, Runner, Screamer Now I Am a Murphy Milo's walking the dogs seems even more engaging than I expected. Although Milo's family and Doof are a bit funny, it isn't interesting enough comparing to... Diogee and the Poodle. As always, Cavendish and Dakota's shenanigans are always a pleasure to watch.
13 Abducting Murphy's Law Here we are, the first 22-minute special in the season. I'd like to say that it can't be compared to Fungus Among Us, since it is a season finale, and those type of episodes always sort things out better. It's not fair to compare it to Missing Milo as well, even though those two are both mid-season specials.

So I think it's a great episode in its own way. At least we know that the Octalians are not that bad. What really makes the episode stand out is the drama from Cavendish and Dakota's breakup. A ship which is loved by many fans breaks up. And there goes with Dan Povenmire self-talking, as Dakota and Doofenshmirtz are two loners (two loners aren't actually loners, get it?)

14 The Goulash Legacy The Dog Who Knew Too Much Whoa, a pretty close run there with two decent episodes. But "The Goulash Legacy" wins for a better story, a good song, humor, and finally, characters from P&F. I mean NORM AND LOVE HANDEL WOW!.
15 Adventure Buddies Ride Along Little Doggie I can't really decide which episode is better than the other, so I pick both. Doof and Scott being adventure buddies, I like that Scott plot more than the plot in Teacher Feature. Amanda's care for Milo is even more perfect. And of course... HE'S THE FASTEST KOALA IN THE WORLD!!
16 Look At This Ship Cast Party Look At This Ship, beside Cavendish's going rouge, I thought it was going to be another Milanda episode but nope, it kinda pays attention to Zack and Melissa, who are waiting for Milo to just get down to the backyard. They have cute moments actually, and the Dakota and Doofenshmirtz's argument is funny to watch. But I find Cast Party to have more heart. It's awesome when everyone try to cheer Zack up, hang around to tell each other's stories that actually connects to each other, and all of them are caused by a small piece of cereal. I favor the humor in the latter episode.
17 Safety First Cavendish Unleashed Both episodes just stay as good. Not great, but they're fun in their own unique way. Safety First gives us a little more about Elliot's backstories, while Cavendish Unleashed continues the Cavendish Rogue Arc. The gang plots are fine the way they are. And there are many great jokes (I really like the forest gags, though I do hope it can be shorter. Either way, that's what happens when you mess with Mother Nature dude)
18 First Impressions The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event How irony! I'm doing first impressions on First Impressions. You get the joke right? Anyway, First Impressions (again, no puns) is cute and fun! I expected an adventure between Milo and Melissa but never expected they could pull off something like that. It is heartfelt, young Melissa starts to warm up with Milo (she does it better than Amanda though) and in the end, they happily walk to the school as best friends forever. I did expect for some Cavendish and Dakota's origin to and... Joshua Pruett's writing is just... amazing! How can he make it so funny?

The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event is also great. I can never expect The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event to be exciting and energetic more than its premise can tell. A tie for a strong pair of episode - First Impressions and The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event - is well-deserved!

19 The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club Parks and Wreck I have a hard time to decide a better episode between the pair. But finally, I decide The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club is just slightly better than Parks and Wreck. We have the full gang coming in for a detention episode referencing to the 70s. It's also a conclusion to the Grizzly Bear. Meanwhile, Parks and Wreck has Milo, Melissa, Zack AND Amanda as they try to fix the damaged park. The waifu fight is thankfully just a normal fight, and the gang has finished what they want to accomplish. I wonder if we're ever gonna see more episodes with this quartet in the future as well...
20 Escape Milo in Space Both episodes set up to the plot for the season finale, so I think it's equally good.

Escape is fun, with Milo, Lydia, Scott and Coach Nolan Mitchell being stuck in an elevator. Dakota and Doofenshmirtz clone a human/platypus Cavendish, and later Milo, Melissa, Zack and the two men figure out where the UFO can be. They see Cavendish is frozen and Dakota saves him. The British man warns that the Octalians are in an attempt to abduct Milo again. I think it is a nice episode after all.

After that, we have Milo in Space. As Milo is being abducted to help the Octalians deal with some sort of sphere, the gang is trying to fix the ship (in an unexpected way). They later spot Milo who is stuck in the vacuum of space. Probably. So nothing much happens, but it sets up the finale nicely, and I think both episodes deserve a win.

21 Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space No matchup here, either. But I must say this season finale is absolutely amazing! The way they start the episode, the Sphere of Calamity, every characters that are crucial to the plot have their time to shine, the musical number. I just love every single moments in it, and the crew is deserved to be immensely proud of what they have done. And the Melissa kiss... oh my poor heart... Love it! It's perfect for a season finale. I rate this better than Fungus Among Us, and not because Season 1 finale is technically bad or something.

That's it, folks! Hope Dan and Swampy will have another season for MML so I can discuss more great episodes like these.

My Fanfics

Most of my fanfics are MML-related. And I love playing out different topics, various genres. Hope you can find yourself enjoyable while you're at it!

They can be found on and Archive of Our Own

Fanfic Series

Spotlight AU

This is my fanfic series exclusively in the wiki. It focuses on smaller, minor characters or details in the show that I could think of. Mainly, the two main characters in this fanfic series are Lola Sunderguard and Zane Cartner (the name belongs to me fyi), her best friend and Zack's lookalike (well. like in "The Note")

Blue is stories from Original Dimension Arc.
Pink is stories from Royal Dimension Arc.
Yellow is Mixed stories.
Purple is Non-Canon stories

No. in series No. in chronological order Title
1 10 A Change Doesn't Hurt
2 1 Here's My Number
3 2 Heritage
4 9 Friends (For TMMLWG)
5 4 Moving
6 3 Arcade
7 5 Men Selling Inventions
The Biggest Play Yet! (Part 1)
The Biggest Play Yet! (Part 2)
8 6 Make Our Dream Reality
9 7 Math Super-Duper Ultimate Pop Quiz
10 8 Where are Zack and Melissa?
In Production / Coming Soon

These are one-shots I have yet finished. The titles could be changed anytime though.

The stories with dates next to it are the ones I have finished and it just needs my free time to come out.

No. in series Title
11 Two Science Periods! (24/8)
12 Small Teamwork (24/8)
13 The White Space Trilogy (Part 1)
The White Space Trilogy (Part 2)
The White Space Trilogy (Part 3)
End of Phase 1. Phase 2 starts.
14 Daniela's Return
15 Friends Under the Storm
16 Resolving (Maybe You Ain't That Bad)
17 Party for Everyone of Us
18 A Secret On The Road to School
19 Note to Self
20 Lies and Truth (Part 1)
Lies and Truth (Part 2)
Lies and Truth (Part 3)
21 Triple Confessions
22 Cruel Fight
 ?? Space-vasion!
Musical Numbers

There are musical numbers throughtout the fanfic series. These could be songs from real-life artists or from the cartoon world. These songs are for entertaining, story-fitting purposes or it could just be me being lazy. :)

Because you know, music makes us better, bring us together, and it helps us get back that spirit they stole.

Name Performed by Appeared in
Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen "Here's My Number"
Won't Keep Us Apart Aaron Daniel Jacob "Moving"
Two-Player Game Be More Chill "Arcade"
I Can't Find You Aaron Daniel Jacob "Men Selling Inventions - The Biggest Play Yet!"
Perry the Platypus Song Randy Crenshaw
24K Magic Bruno Mars
Chop Away at My Heart Aaron Daniel Jacob
A-G-L-E-T Vincent Martella
Questing Song Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
Temple of the King Rainbow
What Do It Do? Zanzibar "Make Our Dream Reality"
Let's Spend Half a Day Kate Pierson "Where are Zack and Melissa?"
Characters in the AU

Some of these characters are coming from me, while others belong to Dan and Swampy.

Name Description
Lola Sunderguard A young girl who was unfortunately born with a weak status. That however is a small matter to her. She loves big adventures and acting in fairy tales and stories. She's funny, friendly and kind to anyone around her. A good friend of Zane, and little did both of them know they're prepared to enroll in the most enormous problem they have ever faced
Zane Cartner (You have seen him quite a bit in "The Note" but here's how I go with his character)
A young boy who has grown a like for fashion. He's always calm and prepared in situations, though he prefers to overprotect his friends when the problem is just too big. And except for a few best friends, hardly anyone can be opened to him. A good friend of Lola and they have been in for many crazy adventures in order to find their true identity.
Chelsea (First Appeared in "Here's My Number") A single woman who adopts Lola and Zane as her children. She's a kind and caring mother, but sometimes she's pretty sneaky and you never know what she's going to plan. She is also good at martial arts, but that's the only thing you know about her.
Milo Murphy (First Appeared in "Here's My Number") I think we know this boy far too well! In short, he's cute. A nice and positive boy. Having a crush on Amanda, and tries to help her whenever he can. But when Lola and Zane move in, what troubles will be waiting for them?
Amanda Lopez (First Appeared in "Here's My Number") A sweet young perfectionist girl. She seemed to be worried when he hung around at first, but the more Milo helps her, the more Amanda knows this boy is a kind guy, and maybe the only boy who always helps her constantly like that in her life. They're normal friends, and in good term to each other apparently.
Ivy Bruce (Mentioned in "A Change Doesn't Hurt", will appear in "Two Science Periods!") A teenage girl in the same age as Lola and Zane. She shares Zane's interest of fashion and they talk about it sometimes together. That is, until she knows Lola has been his best friend for a long time, and she plans to embarass them.
One-Armed Willie (First Appeared in "Moving") Due to a problem with his friend misunderstanding him, he tries stealing the Accurate-Inator from a lab. However, he finds the Boss from there, and with some pretty nice offer, the guy follows him and becomes his loyal minion
The Boss (Mentioned in "Moving". His name will be revealed later) He's an adult living in the future: 2076. Having escaped from the O.W.C.A. prison, he rules over an organization and secertly covers all the plans in Chelsea's mind.
Victor Verliezer (First Appeared in "Men Selling Inventions") A business man in his late 30s who works along with his partner Clyde. He's good at making money and bad at inventions, opposite to Clyde. They dream of making their own invention store selling all kinds of thing that could change the humanity.
Clyde Rickenbacker (First Appeared in "Men Selling Inventions") An old inventor who works along with Victor. He's good at inventing and bad at business, much to Victor's disappointment.
Norman (First Appeard in "Men Selling Inventions") An odd eight-year-old boy who wants a job to prove to his parents he's worthy. Not important to the plot, but worth a look for basically everyone.

Royal Dimension Characters: (spoilers to "Men Selling Inventions - The Biggest Play Yet")

Name Description
Princess Merola
(Lola's counterpart)
A 13-year-old princess who is trying to prove to her father that she deserves to rule over the kingdom. However, she has to learn how to make her own decision without emotions interrupting. Having a crush on farmer Milo since very young and her father hasn't approved it, yet.
King Victor
(Victor Verliezer's counterpart)
He's one of the greatest king to ever rule to Dwampymoore kingdom. Just like any other princess' father, he's brave and strong, but sometimes he can be a bit of a jerk.
Farmer Milo Murphy
(Milo's counterpart)
One of two Merola's best friends and a young, smart farmer. He has to live under the condition of Murphy's Law. It might cause troubles, but life is never fun without adventure! When Merola has become a princess, Milo was trying to get more distant to her, as it would help her on her way to become a queen.
Wizard Amanda Lopez
(Amanda's counterpart)
The closest friend to Merola since the day she became a princess. Amanda is the most reliable person in the castle and that's the reason she takes her role as a magical royal wizard. She doesn't grow a like on Milo, as she think he is the reason Merola easily gets hurt and makes a stupid decision. In some occasion, she views Milo as a hero in the kingdom and deeply cares for him.
Royal Secret Agent Perry the Platypus A secret agent works for the king and a group of knights in the castle. One of many heroes taking part in the Grand Snow Battle. Just like his original counterpart, he doesn't do much.
Pirate One-Armed Willie A dark-sided warrior trying to impress the Snow Queen. Being capable of planning evil plans, he's still lack of intelligent skills however.

Since One-Shot 5: Moving, there is a new secion called "Weekly Proverb", also known as "Today's Proverb." Let's see what we have so far.

Title Quote

“Do whatever just right for you.”
— Chelsea


“You’ve got skill. You’ve got ambitions. You dare to try. All you need is an ally.”
— Lola Sunderguard

Men Selling Inventions

“I always dream to be in a fantasy world. You know, where we can live a normal life and fight bad guys like hey-ya!”
— Lola Sunderguard

The Biggest Play Yet! (Part 1)

“Heardy, heardy, magic weary. Make them fly and stop the greedy!”
— Wizard Amanda Lopez

The Biggest Play Yet! (Part 2)

“Being favored by bureaucacy comes with a great responsibility.”
— King Victor Verliezer

Make Our Dream Reality

“If you lose a chance, just find it again. There’s no point of complaining, isn’t it?”
— Zane Cartner

Math Super-Duper Ultimate Pop Quiz

“No one knows how incredible you can be… No one knows how incredible we can be if we try.”
— Zane Cartner

Where are Zack and Melissa?

“You maybe not perfect, but you can change! Make a fake smile, do stuffs, everything you want.”
— Melissa Chase

His Friend Series

Milo goes through many wild adventures with his friends, from a movie presentation to finding the bond between him and the one he loves, but that's not all!

It's like my own Milo Murphy's Law series (based on Season 1 and later Season 2 materials), and it has been my biggest project. So far, there are two stories with 26 chapters!

Many thanks to Arend for the table idea! I really can't make it more nicer to myself.

Title Cast Sypnosis/Notes Date/Status
Types of Movie Milo, Melissa, Cavendish, Dakota, Zack and Sara Melissa and Milo are going to have a presentation about their favorite types of movie. But due to shenanigans happen afterwards, Cavendish and Dakota have to step in and give a helping hand. August 20, 2018
October 2, 2018
Hold My Hand Milo, Amanda, Gretchen, Melissa, Zack and Mr. Block Amanda used her chance of having Milo joined her birthday party, and began to realize a true friendship - a fantasy weird bond to him since then. Meanwhile, Mr. Block was being unreasonable and wanted to harm the gang as a punishment for Cavendish and Dakota's time travel shenanigans from earlier. Octorber 25, 2018
January 22, 2020
Our Perfect World Melissa, Zack, Amanda and Milo Melissa and eventually Zack got themselves into an journey where they must find the truth of a secret organization. Meanwhile in Arizona, Milo and Amanda experienced the life of high school students, and worked together to break a curse, for students' and their sake. Things only got harder when the rivalry arose from behind the minds of all the problems. January 31, 2020

Individual Fanfics

Title Cast Sypnosis/Notes Date/Status
Our First Adventure Milo Murphy, Melissa Chase, Daniela (OC), Zack Underwood. Milo and Melissa tell Zack about their first adventure and how the two met each other. When they were seven years old, they were lost in a forest and met up with a girl named Daniela. August 3, 2018
Long storytelling, but in fact it's just dialogue. One of my first fanfics for the fandom. ONE-SHOT
Being Murphy's Friends Zack, Melissa, Milo How does it feel like to be Milo's sidekick - his close friend? Is it extraordinary to help a Murphy deal with Murphy's Law daily? September 5, 2018
June 18, 2018
The Murder Amanda, Milo, Zack and Melissa Amanda is having her first Halloween ever with Milo, Zack and Melissa. And it's even scarier than she imagined: a weird thing is causing a lot of trouble to people and her friends, causing accidents everywhere it goes. October 10, 2018
October 15, 2018
A Day Off Melissa and Milo Melissa seized the day with her bass guitar while Milo and Zack were having a fishing day with their dads. Short drabble, sets between "Time Out" and "We're Going to the Zoo." October 20, 2018
Shake Hand First Varies One-shots of characters involving one of the most recommend manners. November 23, 2018
Milo and His Friends Varies Collection of one-shots, or some works in progress. November 30, 2018
January 31, 2019
A Lucky Kiss Amanda, Milo, Martin and Sara Milo is unable to make it to a special tradition of the Murphys in Christmas due to harsh weather conditions and Murphy's Law. Fortunately, he's already got a girl he knows to cover that for him. December 11, 2018
December 20, 2018
Meteor Boy Milo, Orgaluth, Melissa, Zack, Doofenshmirtz, Amanda Let alone the fancy title, this is my view of what will happen right after Season 2 finale. Milo spends more time with Octalia, especially knowing more about Orgaluth. Melissa and Zack try to prove Cavenpuss is not an abomination. Doof and his co. are struggling at making a Murphy's-Law-proof spaceship. June 17, 2019
July 13, 2019
The Old Boyband on the Bed Zack, Melissa Zack and Melissa do an act on their student film called "The Old Man on the Bench" before the school's movie night. One-shot, takes place before "Safety First". July 30, 2019
Critical Hits Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san How many times is Nishikata able to touch Takagi's heart? How many times does Takagi fall into his sudden sweet cares? Five one-shots of a favorite concept of the anime and the manga. November 25, 2019
Nishikata. Takagi IN PROGRESS (1/5)
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