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  • My occupation is Professional Idiot, Local Actor, Writer
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"There are rules man!"

"I know I just don't always follow them"

Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota, Quote of the Month, April, "First Impressions"

Pictures Of The Month, April

Let Me Pour Some Syrup On Who I Am

Let's start this nice and simple. I love the Dwampyverse. Is it as big as the MCU? No. But, it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to be an awesome, (at times) epic, funny, emotional (depending on how deep you get into it), connected universe. I love MML and PnF (MML a little more though).

Every movie, series, episode, song, and short is a step in the right direction. The Dwampyverse Direction

— WaffleTail260

You may be asking yourself "Why would Waffle have his own user page? What could he possibly have to gain?" Well, let me just answer that question, Nothing much. This is just a place with all the information you would need to know. So feel free to go check out a different page on the wiki. Like...Milo's Backpack? I don't know, that's just what page it brought me to when I hit the Random Page Button. Hope you enjoyed hearing me ramble. (I wonder if anybody caught that I stole that opening from "Rollercoaster" when Doof is trying to monologue?) 

Fun Facts

  • My name is inspired by Doof (in a PnF episode "Thanks But No Thanks") saying "Hey what's with the waffle!?"
  • My current favorite song is a tie between "Just Messing Around", "Pressure", and "Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space".
  • I love to chat and theorize with people so I'll try to think of some theories and check on yours too.
  • My favorite episode is a three-way tie between "First Impressions", "Managing Murphy's Law", and "Missing Milo".
  • My least favorite episode is a tie between "Pace Makes Waste" and "Wilder West".
  • I don't trust Bob Block.
  • I am the founder (and only member) of GAL! (Group Against Lampposts)
  • I am deathly afraid of Lampposts.
  • I capitalize the word "Lampposts" because of how big of a threat Lampposts are.
  • I talk about Lampposts too much.
  • I also got a YouTube channel where I will talk about MML and other shows I watch! I also will be making AMVs and may even just tell/animate some life stories!
  • I was the cause of the characters page having to have a "next button". The character that I added to cause such was Infinitive Splinter.
  • Some of my favorite characters of the Dwampyverse (in no order) are; Doof, Dakota, Cavendish, Melissa, Milo, Perry, Vanessa, Monogram, Buford, Zack, Loab, and Roger.

Wiki Friends (In No Order)

  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy (hero, amazing writer, funny, exceptional)
  • Cool Genius (incredibly funny, smart, fellow theorist)
  • Serendipitacely (leader, funny, keeps me on track, helps me out)
  • Arend (voice of reason, funny, updates me on new situations)
  • Tugiacat666 (fellow writer, fantastic editor, always on top of things)
  • PhinFerbFan5 (hilarious, kind, creator of hamsatchion!)
  • Beaker09 (funny, always there for me, can relate with my crazy mixed up life)
  • Krazy4Kris (nice, caring, funny, creative)

Episode Preference

Since I started this whole Episode Preference thing I would like to present a more formal way of showing it off.

Thanks to Arend for letting me use this chart.

Titles in bold are the winning titles. Episodes in order of production code. Also keep in mind that losing episodes are NOT bad episodes by default.

Episode A Episode B Notes
1 Going the Extra Milo The Undergrounders "Going the Extra Milo" - The perfect way to start the show off (better than "Rollercoaster") and the reason is because it is cleverly written all the way through with lots of great gags. It also helps that (the legend) Dan Povenmire wrote this.

"The Undergrounders" feels really short with really no reason for existing, except for two things: 1. Showing how Bradley feels about Milo (even way this goes almost nowhere) and 2. Introducing Scott, which is a great thing. I love scott

2 Rooting for the Enemy Sunny Side Up This one is a tie.

"Rooting for the Enemy" - This is probably my most watched episode of MML, the song is legendary! Milo and Melissa have a whole episode together! This is the episode that got me to ship Milo and Melissa! Also has a lot of great comedy and a good amount of PnF references! How could it not lose!

"Sunny Side Up" - The first episode we get to see the trio all help each other! Great comedy! What really makes this episode great thought is how simple it is. I love how this show can go to enjoyable and crazy to fun and simple.

3 The Doctor Zone Files The Note "The Doctor Zone Files" - A great simple and slow episode that gives a good watch, but fails to give Milo and friends a truly interesting plot. Also introduces the beloved Sara, Dr. Zone, Cavendish, and Dakota, decent laughs, starts Milo and Sara's beautiful relationship, and introduces the greatest Dan and Jeff relationship ever seen! Doof and Monogram don't talk to each other a lot, but I digress.

"The Note" - A great fast pace episode with lots of laughs, an amazing song that must get on the play list, and of course introduces to of my favorite characters! The Government Agents!

4 Party of Peril Smooth Opera-tor "Party of Peril" - Beginning was a great, but the rest was, dare I say, meh. I did love how they introduced Amanda and gave her a personality before pairing her up with the title character (unlike Isabella, but Isabella did get better though).

"Smooth Opera-tor" - Great song! Great writing! Did introduce a ship I don't really care for, but hey if this is the ship the show is going to go on with the future, I'm ok with that! Great animation too! Good Zack episode!

More coming soon

Userboxes (It's A Lot) (What Can I Say. I Have a Big Heart)

Favorite Characters

Love Toboggan 73
The Goulash Legacy (120)



Random Info.

Milo Murphy Law Poster
12 S&P what if

Wiki Friends

Llama 65
MM act4 339
ChristmasPeril (352)
Scream (601)
Melissa and Amanda (Parks and Wreck)
17 theory proven
Somebody's Chatty


These are fan fiction stories that I write that take place in a universe that is very similar to the show's universe. These are called WTAD's (WaffleTail's Alternate Dimension).

The stories follow the adventures of Blake, Mckell, Doof, Deborah, and many many many more. Meanwhile, Bradley and Random Guy with Hair try to find a new world of adventure!

WTAD Table (Thanks, Tugiacat)

No. in series No. in chronological order Title
1 3 Lost In 1875
2 4 Lost In 1875 Part 2
3 5 The Mower Siblings: Family

WTAD's Soon To Come (In Order)

  1. What's the Right Direction? (Sheriff Murphy, scared to begin his new relationship with Deborah, tries to avoid her. But Deborah looks on!) (After Effect Arc)
  2. Do You Trust Me? (When Bradley hears a mysterious voice through his radio, his new life of adventure begins!) (Bradley and Random Guy with Hair Arc)
  3. Mayor No More (When Roger is found homeless the Murphy family takes him in. But Doof and Sara are not exactly "satisfied" with this change) (Greater Doof Arc)
  4. Safety Drink (Elliot remembers past events, he remembers one safety violation he will never forget) (Decking Fountain Arc)
  5. What's the Deal! (Mckell and Blake notice how depressed and rude everyone is at BoTT and tries to improve all of them) (Mower Arc)
  6. Alone and Hopeful (Doof goes back to his building to find an old friend) (Greater Doof Arc)
  7. It's His World and I Love Living In It (Melissa thinks about how glad she is to be Milo's forever friend) (In the events of Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!)

Characters in the WTAD (Again, Thanks Tugiacat)

List of characters that appear and have roles in WTAD. These characters are both ones that I have originally created or created by Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh.

Name Description
Blake Mower Blake Mower is an old man who works as BoTT's Janitor, alongside his sister. He often feels nervous around authority figures and lets his sister do the taking. He feels the need to make everyone he comes by feel good and laugh.
Mckell Mower Mckell Mower, the brother of Blake, was the person to leave him stranded in the 1870's. But after regaining her personality, she now works with her caring brother as a Janitor of BoTT. She is incredibly enthusiastic and has every desire to help people with her new job, which proves to be a hard task.
Heinz Doofenshmirtz Heinz Doofenshmirtz (or Doof) is a former evil scientist and inventor of Time Travel. He is the trusted friend of the Mower siblings and is working to get out of his stage of depression.
Edmund "Sheriff" Murphy Edmund "Sheriff" Murphy is the sheriff of the 1875 Danville and best friend of Deborah. He looked over the town for 3 years while Deborah was missing. He gets nervous, but tries to stay calm on the outside to reassure others that everything is or will be fine.
Deborah Modtage Deborah Modtage is the long time best friend of Sheriff Murphy that was lost for 3 years in Madagascar. She is full of courage and takes advantage of any opportunity.
Xavier Onassis Xavier Onassis is the number one corn lover! He would do anything for a good corn dog and is on good terms with Blake, Mckell, the Sheriff, Deborah, and Doof after they all helped him get back into the time stream.
Random Guy With Hair Random Guy With Hair (also referred to as "Randy" and "Padre" by Bradley) is a mysterious figure from another dimension that adopted Bradley as his son. He wears a plastic bag over his face to hide . His only hair that is actually visible is a pony tail sticking out of the bag. His mission is to get back to his home dimension.
Bradley Nicholson Bradley Nicholson is the sarcastic and negative kid in the neighborhood that was adopted by Random Guy With Hair. He is very questionable of his new life with his padre and is filled with a mixed feeling of excitement and fear as he thinks of who his padre really is.

Blog Series

  • These are all of my current Blog post series that you can read.
    • Character-Inator - My opinions on MML characters!
    • Theory Corner - Fun theories that usually connect PnF and MML in new and unseen ways!
    • Wowee! - Connecting MML characters with characters from your favorite movies!
    • WTAD - Dude, I literally just had a whole section talking about.


Mower Arc

  1. Lost In Arc Part 2
  2. The Mower Siblings
  3. What's the Deal! (Not Released Yet)

After Effect Arc

  1. The Mower Siblings: Family
  2. Do You Trust Me? (Not Released Yet)

Greater Doof Arc

  1. The Mower Siblings: Family
  2. Mayor No More (Not Yet Released)

Decking Fountain Arc

  1. Safety Drink

Bradley and RGwH Arc

  1. The Mower Siblings: Family (minor)
  2. Do You Trust Me? (Not Yet Released)

PnF Vs. MML Winners

Phineas Flynn Vs. Bradley Nicholson. Winner: Phineas Flynn

Candace Flynn Vs. Elliot Decker. Winner: Candace Flynn

Albert Du Bois Vs. Sara Murphy. Winner: Sara Murphy

Everything I Can Tell You About Random Guy With Hair

  • He came from another dimension.
  • He has a normal amount of hair.
  • The reason he adopted Bradley was when he looked at Bradley for the first time, he saw himself in Bradley.
  • He is not from the MML universe.
  • He is in his 40's.
  • His favorite food is pie.
  • His favorite place is his Caribbean Lair.
  • He likes to tinker with inventions, spending time with Bradley and Nate, and most importantly: trying to stop what he has created.
  • He has a ponytail that goes down to his shoulders.
  • His hair is black.
  • B.o.T.T. is aware of his existence.
  • Bradley and Nate are the only people that he lives with right now.
  • He likes chocolate milk.

Other Fandoms I Enjoy

  • Dwampyverse - (characters like Doof, Dakota, Milo, and Melissa are characters who's many moments have made me who I am, everything that I am I owe to this great, amazing universe. TBA!)
  • Anything Pixar (focus's on the story, great humor, great characters, great people, LASSESTER (yes I know the news, but he was a great man and who knows maybe he is still)!)
  • Disney - (while it does make wrong choices a lot, I got to stand by it and give it confidence. KRONK, JIM CUMMINGS, HADES!)
  • MCU - (great story, hoping to get more into it, god like humor and emotion. TBA!)
  • The Muppets - (one of my first, I would watch it with my dad all the time as a kid, FUNNY, KERMIT!)
  • Steven Universe - (story moves great, amazingly great characters, one of the greatest shows ever, STEVEN!)
  • Brooklyn 99 - (the best cast I've ever seen in film or tv, amazing story, good relationships, BOYLE!)
  • The Simposons - (my guilty pleasure, hilarious, too long, really shouldn't be as good as it should, HOMER!)
  • Infinity Train - (new show, Gravity Falls meets Steven Universe meets...Another cool show. TULIP!)
  • Ducktales (2017) - (better than the original, don't @ me, love everything about it. No flaws in my eyes. DEWEY!)
  • Gravity Falls - (mystery, strong feels, mature, great humor, how could I not love this!, STAN!)
  • KIM POSSIBLE - (classic, exciting, good humor, RON!)
  • The Office - (what do I need to say? WATCH IT! MICHAEL!)
  • Amphibia - (mysterious, funny, twisty. I love it. HOP POP!)
  • Parks and Rec. - (AMAZING STORY, god like characters, LESLIE!)
  • Big City Greens - (amazing humor, interesting stories, TILLY!)
  • Seinfield - (great sitcom, nice ol' sitcom humor. That doesn't suck ((cough)) Disney Channel ((cough)) GEORGE!)
  • We Bare Bears - (don't watch it a whole lot any more, but still enjoyable. Not a fan of Panda though CHARLIE!)
  • A Goofy Movie - (not just because Wiki Guy enjoys it too, I watched this all the time as a kid and I still do MAX!)
  • Tangled: The Series - (didn't like the movie a whole lot, absolutely adorable emotional twisty show! RAPS!)
  • Big Hero 6: The Series - (liked the movie, loving this show! HIRO)
  • Trollhunters - (one of the greatest Netflix originals ever! JIM!)
  • Andi Mack - (it was fun while it lasted, CYRUS)

Character Pages I Created

I LOVE making character pages! If you ever want me to make one, tell me right away and I'm on it!

This is a list of all of the character pages I created (in this order).

Little Art Pieces I Do

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