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    So, here's something regarding my fanfics. Some of you may know that I have made personal cover images for them on FanFiction.Net. But they are displayed really small on there. I have uploaded a batch of them on Tumblr, but not only is it only ten (of currently 14 covers), but you also have to get out of your way to find them.

    Now I had this idea to upload those covers right here, to spruce up the tables in my Fanfic sections, and so you guys can enjoy them in a better resolution.

    However, there's two issues.

    First, how many I'm allowed to upload.

    On other wikis I've visited (fanon wikis aside), all users are permitted a limited amount of personal images to use. For example, on the Super Mario Wiki, users are only allowed four personal images;…

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  • Arend

    We've got a troll on the loose who posts spammy messages that frick up the entire page. How to remove them?

    Well, it's actually very simple. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the malicious comment, hover over it to make the More button appear, and when you click on it, select "Remove". Add a reason for removal and confirm, and poof, it's gone!

    Problem here, though, is that for most of us, we can only remove the messages that are on OUR walls. If it's on someone else's, then the Remove option isn't there.

    Which is where Serendipitacely can come into play. Seren, you as an administrator can remove ANY message you like. Just follow the instructions from above.

    Also, I've disabled comments in case the troll decides to spam here as well.

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  • Arend

    Synopses of yet to come!

    March 17, 2019 by Arend

    So Volume 4 can finally be purchased on iTunes that contains the second half of Season 2. I have no idea why they decided to cut off Volume 3 at Dog Walker, Runner, Screamer and Now I Am a Murphy, but that's not wthat this blog is about.

    Instead, let me show you Volume 4's description:

    If you've read the description for the previous two volumes, you know that they describe plots for the episodes it includes. Volume 2's description contains the synopses for Missing Milo, A Clockwork Origin and Some Like it Yacht, and Volume 3's describes The Phineas and Ferb Effect, Snow Way Out, Picture Day, Cake 'Splosion! and Doof's Day Out.

    Volume 4 describes Abducting Murphy's Law, The Dog Who Knew Too Much, and... two brand new, unfamiliar synopses. Lemme …

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  • Arend

    Turns out, according to the US tv guide, we will likely get Dog Walker, Runner, Screamer and Now I Am a Murphy first, while Freefall and Milo's World are airing the week after that.

    With this information in light, if we do indeed get Dog Walker, Runner, Screamer and Now I Am a Murphy tomorrow, then we should check the TV guide as often as we can to prevent misinformation like this. For all we know, The Goulash Legacy/The Dog Who Knew Too Much, Adventure Buddies/Ride Along Little Doggie, Look At This Ship/Cast Party or even the two yet untitled pairs of episodes could be out of order as well, or worse: not even air in the following month in the first place.

    I do believe Abducting Murphy's Law has the correct airdate, however. It was highlighte…

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  • Arend

    So, let's talk about this episode. Managing Murphy's Law is among four of the episodes revealed back in August/September I was absolutely hyped for, and it delivered quite well!

    For your information, the others were Cake 'Splosion (which absolutely delivered), Doof's Day Out (which also delivered), and Milo's Shadow (which was also good).

    Ladies and gentlemen, they did it.

    Milanda shippers like me were absolutely crazy over this moment (at least, I was). Yep, it was solid proof that Amanda indeed grew out of her fear for Murphy's Law (or at least shows signs to), and has gotten feelings for Milo in place. And I mean, she had to after Cake 'Splosion. She had to.

    But, did you know this moment almost didn't make it in?

    According to Joshua Pruett (who …

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