So earlier, Joshua Pruett decided to answer someone's question on Twitter why Bradley has a vine arm as of The Phineas and Ferb Effect. He said some interesting stuff... about scrapped plans for Melissa.

“My very first pitch it was gonna be Melissa had been permanently replaced. Then it was just her arm, but it was considered too extreme. Until we thought of Bradley!”
—Joshua Pruett[source]

Yep, he originally pitched that Melissa would remain a full-time Pistachion, before deciding to reduce it to her arm, and then deciding to give Bradley the arm instead.

It would've also apparently been a key element to advance the Zalissa ship. He said this in response to someone else how being a Pistachion would work:

“No, she would have grown into herself, a version of Melissa, and would have advanced her Ship w Zack in a sweet way.
Seemed something utterly unique in TV anim, to have BIG CHANGES that have a permanent affect. People would have loved her.
To show that all ‘chions aren’t EVIL”

—Joshua Pruett[source]

Now, we'd already know that not all Pistachions are evil, seeing the Giant Pistachion in the PnFE, but it's still very interesting. And that Zalissa would be tied to it, too.

It kind of reminds me of something he said some scrapped things about Managing Murphy's Law, but I don't know I can talk about that yet. I really want to, though

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