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  • Beaker09

    Takes place around 5 years after “Act Your Age”.

    Just as the bell rang, the man in a pharmacist’s outfit immediately rushed to the door to greet his former nemesis and best friend:

    “Good evening, Perr-... wait, aren’t you a little orange to be Perry the Platypus?”

    “Good morning, Professor Time! I’m a member of the Fireside Girls. Would you like to buy some of our cupcakes?” asked the little girl dressed in orange and brown.

    “You know, I’d like to... but...” it was then that Dr. Doofenshmirtz thought about buying some for him and Perry, “Never mind, take this cash and give me some, thank you.”

    After the transaction, just as Dr. D went back to sit on his couch and wait, the bell had rang again. He tuned to open the door, “So, you’ve come, Perry t…

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  • Beaker09

    My Idea: The Beginning

    January 16, 2020 by Beaker09

    So, as some of you mighy know, I've had the idea of a character not being okay with younger-brother-older-sister relation for quite a while now. Remember about 20's Law (explained later on)? Since this is a topic which I believe not everyone might find friendly enough, I've been trying to find ways in which this particular character can be enjoyed by all. That's why, I may or may not change the previous concept of 20's Law, but I need all of your help. Just tell me, which of the concepts below you find more acceptable:

    1. 20's Law: Anything that can go wrong (when the younger brother and older sister are together, of course), will go wrong. It's just like Murphy's Law, but is specific and much more dangerous.

    2. Dr. 20: A ghost (or a viewer)…

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  • Beaker09

    I can't believe it...

    January 9, 2020 by Beaker09

    What I feared and was mocked for all my life finally came true again. I haven't been so mad in the past 1.5 years.

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  • Beaker09

    So today was the day: Milo was finally going to give Melissa the best gift ever for all she has done for him. This day can't be ruined by Murphy's Law. He told Melissa to come to his childhood house the previous day as he had already added extra safety precautions should anything go wrong.

    The doorbell rang and Milo knew that it was Melissa Chase. No matter how busy of a schedule she might have, she would never think of it when Milo needed her. He eagerly opened the door and led the ginger haired girl to his former room. But just as he was about to reveal his present an army of knives came towards them breaking through one of the windows. Milo immediately grabbed Melissa and dodged into a corner of his room. But then a giant solid object br…

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  • Beaker09

    Can you believe it has already been more than 6 months since I've joined this wiki? Yeah I know it's not much, but still. I hope I can make better and more contributions here in the future: just learnt about userboxes recently, and let's hope you see are more from me in 2020. Wait, isn't that the year when I'm going to graduate from school and turn 19? Woah, time really goes fast!

    To all my friends out there who celebrate, Merry Christmas! If there's anything you'd like to share: what you did, any Christmas memories etc., go on! We'd love to hear from you! How was your Christmas this time (though it's 25th morning as I'm writing this, I'm sure you can tell later on)? And to all those who don't celebrate (like me), hope you have a wonderful …

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