It is a day during the summer vacation when Milo and Phineas happens to meet each other. "Hi Milo! What's up?", says the triangular savant. But just as Milo is about about to reply, a tree falls beside them, and, of course, Milo pushes Phineas and both dodge it. 

Phineas: Woah, that was a close one! 

Milo: Yeah, though I'm used to this, I still feel disappointed when people move away from me due to Murphy's Law. Haven't done much this summer. What about you?

Phineas: I'm used to building new stuff everyday, so yeah.

Milo: Hey Phineas, there's a new guy who joined our school last year. Would you mind inviting you to my place tomorrow to introduce you to him?

Phineas: That sounds cool! Wait.. just a second... (Phineas checks his device.). Yeah, I can come tomorrow, but unfortunately Ferb won't be able to come. He has an appointment. But there's someone else I know who will be free. She's really special to me, so I guess I can also introduce her to your friend.

Milo:That sounds great! See you tomorrow then! 

Phineas: Bye! 

Milo then goes and visits Maullik to tell him everything about the next day's plan. Maullik feels delighted, but then...

Maulik: (nervously)Uhh... Milo.. does he (Phineas) have an older sister?

The smile from Milo's face disappears immediately. He remembers once hearing from Candace Flynn that Phineas and Ferb are her younger brothers. Oh God, that 'special person' must then be Candace! Unlike Murphy's Law, his friend's Law is more frequent and dangerous-and if Candace and Phineas came together-now that is just too much to bear. He can always deal with Murphy's Law, but Maulik's is nearly out of control. He remembers all the incidences- the calamities happening to younger brothers and elder sisters- when he and Maulik hung out together. And if the same thing happens tomorrow...

Maulik: Milo? Milo!

Milo: Ohh, uhh, yeah?

Maulik: Is everything okay?.... To be continued...


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