Just a bit of development to my previous post:

The character I was talking about is from southeast Asia. He immigrates to the Tri-State area with his parents at the age of fourteen. But there is something unique about this character, as a result of which he is not an ordinary person.

Backstory: Although his parents haven't ever been rude to him, the one person who always tried to understand him, be there for him was his older sister. The parents did look after their children, but that's all they did. They didn't give them much time, emotional support or anything else- just basic necessities. But the worst part was that the children did not have much freedom. They were not allowed to mix with other children of their age as their parents feared that they might end up demanding too much if they did. In fact, in order to prevent their children from seeing others, they were home-schooled. The daughter was sent to school only after her parents warned her not to annoy them too much or 'spoil' her little brother.                                                                      

One day, when the boy was seven years of age, disaster struck him. His older sister died of a terrible illness after months of inadequate treatment. Ever since then, the boy became pretty lonely. 4 years later his parents allowed him to be more social (they admitted him to a school), as he was then mature enough to understand his parents' desire-not to demand what other children have. But that was not the end of his misery. Because he was less social compared to his classmates, he was bullied frequently. He remembered one particular boy who used to bully him the most; and he had an older sister who accompanied the torture. 3 more years went on and the family immigrated to America to settle in Danville.

How it began: Dr. Doofenshmirtz (then evil) was preparing a backstory-Murphy's-Law-inator. The inator is supposed to make anything that can go wrong go wrong when a situation related to a person's painful backstory arises nearby who's shot by it. As ususal, Agent P destroys Doof's inator, but only after it had shot the boy we're talking about. That day happened to be the same day as his sister's death- 20th of July. Hence the name 20's Law.

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