As the summer days went by, Malik realized what was happening around him. After the vacation, he started going to the same school as Milo and the gang. Malik and Milo gradually became friends over the months. One day, just as Milo was going to introduce his sister Sara to him, Milo noticed a giant bowling ball rolling towards him, so quicky dodged with Sara. But just then, a sharp metal seemed to fall from the sky between the 2 siblings; which they fortunately dodged. Though Milo thought it was a result of Murphy's Law, Malik explained why the hazards might be his fault. Milo understood and requested Sara to leave from a distance. 

"I don't know how it began, but it started happening the day I entered Danville. I remember noticing green laser around me, but that's all I know." Maulik explained. But that couldn't distant him from Milo, because he understood what it was like when thing got wrong. At least his condition for things getting wrong was limited, thus placing him in a better position.

Message to audience: I'm not sure whether the story was good or not.But special thanks to The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy for encouraging me to continue. I hope I didn't let him down.

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