So today was the day: Milo was finally going to give Melissa the best gift ever for all she has done for him. This day can't be ruined by Murphy's Law. He told Melissa to come to his childhood house the previous day as he had already added extra safety precautions should anything go wrong.

The doorbell rang and Milo knew that it was Melissa Chase. No matter how busy of a schedule she might have, she would never think of it when Milo needed her. He eagerly opened the door and led the ginger haired girl to his former room. But just as he was about to reveal his present an army of knives came towards them breaking through one of the windows. Milo immediately grabbed Melissa and dodged into a corner of his room. But then a giant solid object broke through the place where Milo and Melissa were, this sending the duo flying through the broken window and into the branches of the tree in the backyard. 

"Sara, Maullik, what are you two doing here? Have you forgotten about 20's Law?" Asked the usually optimistic man, who was then 24 years old.

Maullik: "Wait Sara, he's your little brother?"

Sara: "So what's wrong with that? And what's this 20's Law?"

Melissa: "It's kind of like Murphy's Law, but is much more dangerous and happens only around younger brothers and older sisters. 

Before anyone could say anything more, a giant soft cylinder sent Milo and Melissa into the sky at an angle 60° with the horizontal, leaving the 2 spies alone. 

" Oops, sorry, my bad! I was just texting my new inator, you see... " a voice explained.

Both Sara and Maullik: "Dr. D?! What are you doing here?"

Meanwhile, the 2 thrown away landed in some bouncy castle.

"Mom, 2 people just fell from the sky." said a young voice. 

" Now, honey, don't be silly. " But as she looked towards her son, she realized that he was telling the truth. Milo, embarrassed, apologised and immediately took his girlfriend to a more private space in the park.

"So, Melissa,..." But just as he began, a man, out of nowhere, suddenly asked, "How has your day been progressing?" A panicked Melissa immediately grabbed Milo and ran to another spot. Although she was a brave girl, she couldn't calm herself down when she sensed something terrible happening to Milo. Mind you, she even suspected innocent events, such as this one.

Milo put a hand on Melissa's shoulder and gently told her to calm down before moving on. But then again, Murphy's Law intervened, a fire nearly burned them, a giant metal ball falling from the sky, Dr. Doofenshmirtz with only his underpants on and with a bowl of Doritos in his hand, and what not! It was finally sunset when Milo began to look disappointed with himself.

"Melissa, I really wanted to make this day special. You know, I often feel that I don't deserve a charming woman like you..."

" Milo, no... " Melissa said as she gently held his face.

"It has always been about the adventures, the time spent together and your smile despite all the negativity that has made me attracted towards you. I wouldn't ask for a better man: you mean so much to me. Don't blame yourself! And I think this is what the narrator wanted, to delay your gift so that you can give it at the best time...

" The best time? You mean... " Milo looked at Beaker09.

Beaker09: "Stop breaking the fourth wall, you two."

The couple obeyed the instructions of the narrator. Melissa then continued. "Look Milo, even when all the odds were against you, you still remained calm. Even when Murphy's Law wanted you to fail, you still defeated it and did what you wanted to do. Remember Picture Day? The year before you had the picture of a yeti above your name, but you still remained optimistic, and finally had your own picture next year. That's the Milo I fell in love with. Now, go on with what you want to give!"

" Melissa, you're truly amazing! " then he suddenly heard a chirping sound. Oh, that was just a bird flying away! Phew, that was close!

Then, as the sun spread it's rays in that particular corner of the park where the two were, Milo knelt down and opened a small box with a ring inside it.

"Melissa, will you marry me?"And

" Yes, of course! " came the answer.

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