This is a conversation I made between me and Dr. D to introduce you to an inator I was thinking about.

Beaker09: Today we present to you the new invention built by our favourite mad scientist. Readers, may I present to you, Dr. Doofenshmirtz's latest invention, behold.... THE OBLIVION-INATOR!!!

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Being oblivious isn't always a thing we can be proud of, but there are times when we need to ignore certain situations for our own benefit. 

Beaker: Tired of all the negative words people throw at you? Depressed because you were just called "disappointment", "failure" or that "your cousin did so much better"? Worry not! With this inator, you can easily ignore all those words that bring you down. All you have to do is type right over here what you want to be unaware of. Then you won't notice a single thing about a particular action, even if it happens just in front of your eyes.

Dr. D: You see, people, back before I was evil, I was something a little less than evil. I was a bratwurst street vendor. But I was always mocked by people for selling lame products. Look at all those hot dog sellers: they think their product has superior quality. But no: they can only sell more because of their deceptive advertising. Back then they had chrome-plated carts and endorsement deals and fancy blimps! And what did we have? Only superior workmanship, finer meats, and exotic spices. If only I had shot people with this inator back then, people wouldn't have noticed these sellers and our superior underrated bratwurst.....

Beaker: Well, sorry to interrupt doctor, but this is no time for an emotionally scarring backstory. So now...

Dr. D: Wait, let me talk. So now, this is what the oblivion-inator does. Tell me what you think of it.

Beaker: Do you know someone dangerously oblivious and hence could have been shot by it? Or you just want to stop getting annoyed by that hacker you've just met on the internet? Then shoot yourself with this amazing inator!

Dr. D: But remember, its effect only lasts for a limited amount of time,depending on what intensity you set it at. Duration ranges from 2 seconds to 2 decades. Oh, how I wish I could've thought about it earlier, when I was hurt by the girl who didn't notice... wait, maybe I should've put a reverse button....

Beaker: Dr. D, we have to finish this. So people, hope you enjoyed. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Dr. D: Wait, I was the one who built this, I know better.

Beaker: Yeahh, I meant both of us.

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