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So, as you all know, today is Green's birthday. This is just a poem I've written for him. Hope you like it, Green!:

Who’s that 90s kid across the Atlantic,

An American with a humble personality:

He’s your basic average man,

Who’d do everything he can

To keep things right-

Even if it plunges him into plight.

A cartoon addict with a soft side for Kim and Ron

He’s a big fan of their romantic relation.

They happened to be his first OTP;

And they truly mean a lot to him.

He may not know about you,

But you’re good if he’s next to you.

‘Cause he knows that when things go wrong,

We need to relax and listen to “You Need To Calm Down”.

He loves people from the whole world, including his country America.

Yes, I’m talking about our beloved Michael Nebbia.