So, as some of you mighy know, I've had the idea of a character not being okay with younger-brother-older-sister relation for quite a while now. Remember about 20's Law (explained later on)? Since this is a topic which I believe not everyone might find friendly enough, I've been trying to find ways in which this particular character can be enjoyed by all. That's why, I may or may not change the previous concept of 20's Law, but I need all of your help. Just tell me, which of the concepts below you find more acceptable:

1. 20's Law: Anything that can go wrong (when the younger brother and older sister are together, of course), will go wrong. It's just like Murphy's Law, but is specific and much more dangerous.

2. Dr. 20: A ghost (or a viewer) will be there seeing what's going on, commenting on how much they hate seeing the 2 (or 3) together, it should not be allowed and sometimes even trying to separate them, which will probably fail most of the time (depending on the situation). 

So these are the 2 ideas I have so far. To be honest, I have many memes and ideas in my mind related to this concept, but I cannot reveal them if people feel offended. I may even use both of these concepts together, but I need to know your thoughts. If you have any idea other than these 2, please do tell me. Overall, I need to find out the friendliest way to express something unfriendly without meaning anything wrong.

I believe you will understand what I'm trying to explain. Please don't get me wrong, okay?

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