So yes,I know I'm not much of a shipper (exceptions excluded). However, there are some thoughts I have about MML ships, which I'll talk about here.

Between Milissa and Milanda, I personally feel that Milanda is kind of better(sorry, Milissa fans). It's because the relationship between Milo and Amanda has the 'romantic feeling', which I don't find between Milo and Melissa. Amanda might prefer avoiding Milo in the beginning, but look, she gradually comes to like Milo because of his readiness to handle any situation. And that's what makes Milanda worth liking.

However, I don't think Zack and Melissa getting together is really a good idea. I can't explain, but there seems to be an absence of reasons for why they'd like each other. They're best friends (same goes for Milo and Melissa), and that makes the romantic feeling appear kind of unwanted. But that doesn't mean I hate Zalissa: it just doesn't feel right. 

So, then how would I like the 2 to end up? For the current time, I'd prefer them to be single. I mean, why does every character need to have a significant other? Look at Elsa from Frozen, for instance. Her independence is what makes her truly appealing to me. This romantic feeling between people of opposite gender is not the only thing that makes a story, movie or anything wonderful. While it can be okay sometimes, the necessity to pair everyone makes it boring. There are other forms of love as well: not only erotic love. 

As for Sara and Neal, there're good together, as that's basically what I can say.

To be honest, I really don't mind any MML ships but the above does explain my version of MML, regardless of canon (or is it?).

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