As some of you might know, Dan and Jeff mentioned that they are waiting even more for further updates about Season 3. Does that mean we can expect a Season 3? Let's go into further explanation.

We also know that "Phineas And Ferb" are very popular on Disney, and as a result is getting more attention. If I talk about my opinion, there are only two main reasons why "Phineas And Ferb" ranks more than "Milo Murphy's Law". But given that Doofenshmirtz is already in the second show and some parts of the former have a negigible chance of ever being given higher attention in the future, I, personally, would really like to see a new season for "Milo Murphy's Law".

I've seen a lot of Tweets where people demand for Season 3. There are even many indications that it might happen: first, as already mentioned, the creators are waiting 'even more', and second: Dan once mentioned in a tweet that he still had a lot of ideas. Now we have to look towards what Disney is planning. For those of you who didn't like Doof being given attention in Season 2, you know, it was Disney's idea.  So we can't blame Dan and Jeff, Disney is the one who is giving more attention to "Phineas And Ferb".

So what can we do here? If you are upset about "Phineas And Ferb" being overrated, blame Disney: make memes about anger towards Disney. As far as I have seen on Twitter, Phinabella is also quite popular. So I can tell you that if Disney has the intention of both satisfying many and continuing "Phineas And Ferb", more of Phinabella is what we will have. Not to mention other popular aspects such as endless summer, Doof and Perry (I like this one as well, sorry), and those impossible inventions.

But hey, the future isn't all gloomy for MML fans. There is a high demand for Season 3, and indications that it will happen. Plus, you do know that justice prevails at the end of the day. Hence, don't be upset. For now, all we can do is show our love for MML. Draw more MML fanart, write fanfics and whatever else comes to our minds. And finally, hope for the best.

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