aka Tel'vur, Professor Emeritus

  • I live in San Francisco, CA, Earth, Sol System, Alpha Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy (My home reality can be reached by emitting a 32.978 μs burst of antichronitons into a type-4 Schlezholt quantum singularity.)
  • I was born on April 5
  • My occupation is Professor Emeritus of Temporal Physics at Starfleet Academy (San Francisco, CA)
  • Cfwoodland

    The Wyatt Burp Orange Soda Company originated in 1957 as a creation of John R. Shonstan (born January 19, 1926, died June 24, 2013, age 87) at the age of 31. It was officially established on September 9, 1957, although it wasn't until March 8, 1958 when the first manufacturing facility was completed.

    Although distribution of their soda started out only in glass bottles, it expanded alarmingly quickly, and soon became popular particularly in the states of Maine, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

    However, from August 17-19, 1959, Wyatt Burp Orange Soda Company appeared in court, and was forced to change their product after it was found that their soda was merely orange juice concentrate mixed with carbonated water, and strangely, yeast (which was referr…

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  • Cfwoodland

    Hello there, reader!

    Welcome to a series of blog posts that relate to a very small aspect of MML lore - one that you may not even consider worth your time reading about. However, you have my assurance that you will find these enjoyable on a day of boredom where you simply cannot find anything to read, or, on the off-chance that you do actually find this little pocket of lore interesting, you may actually seek out new blog posts related to this topic.

    Maybe a friend told you about this, maybe you were randomly surfing the web for the most obscure aspects of Milo Murphy's Law that you could think of, and when you were nearing the bottom of the barrel, you happened upon this. In any case, I'm glad you're here.

    As you've likely already noticed, this …

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  • Cfwoodland

    An extended "hello"!

    February 12, 2019 by Cfwoodland

    Hi, there!

    This post was mostly made so that I can test out the blog system (it's so cool!), but also just to say hello to you again, and to thank you for visiting my profile!



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