The Wyatt Burp Orange Soda Company originated in 1957 as a creation of John R. Shonstan (born January 19, 1926, died June 24, 2013, age 87) at the age of 31. It was officially established on September 9, 1957, although it wasn't until March 8, 1958 when the first manufacturing facility was completed.

Although distribution of their soda started out only in glass bottles, it expanded alarmingly quickly, and soon became popular particularly in the states of Maine, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

However, from August 17-19, 1959, Wyatt Burp Orange Soda Company appeared in court, and was forced to change their product after it was found that their soda was merely orange juice concentrate mixed with carbonated water, and strangely, yeast (which was referred to as "Unanium" by the company in their television commercials, and was called their "secret ingredient"). This was only the first of many legal incidents that would follow the company throughout it's existence.


Wyatt Burp Orange Soda logo from 1957-1960.

Wyatt Burp's reformulated product added capsaicin, chocolate, and copious amounts of boron, which was oddly reported to taste palletable, and this was the form that would remain as the "final formulation" of Wyatt Burp Orange Soda, lasting until it's eventual discontinuation in 1976.

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