Hello, everyone!

As you may have already guessed while you were reading the title, this blog is going to be about...


Milo Murphy!

Yeah, that was weird. Let me try again:
As you may have already guessed while you were reading the title, this blog is going to be about...


Billy Bison!

Well now it's better!

Anyway, I'm doing a blog with Billy Bison in it.
Billy Bison: Will any bison be included?
Me: Maybe..., if you're around.
Billy Bison: Sorry! I'd better go!

OK, OK, let's get into the blog. This blog is going to be about Billy, the great-great-great grandson of Frederick Bison, the originator of Bison's Law. What do we know about him and his law? Well, the boy is affected by the condition which is called EHBL or Extreme Hereditary Bison's Law. It states that

“Whatever can go bison, will go bison.”
—Billy Bison

Also, this guy stole the show.
Never mind, we won't be focusing on this. The only thing that I will be focused on is his law.

Probability Ions

Bingo! This is that I will be talking about right now! As you know, the trio of boys have probability ions, with one having the negative probability ions, and other two having the positive probability ions.
So basically, my theory is:


Wait, what?

Yes, I do think that Billy has bison probability ions, because why not? Okay, the real reason I think so is because he has the law. And I wish I would find a name for the opposing effect. What about the anti-bison effect? Huh? Huh?

FYI, this is the part of my ultimate theory, which I'll explain in the extra special blog - "The World According to Me".


Isn't going to be as much as for Murphy's Law, but still...

  1. The condition is hereditary. According to Billy Bison, there were several generations of people who had this law.
  2. Frederick Bison is its originator.
  3. Everything that can go bison, will go bison around the people with Bison's Law.

Well, I think this is pretty much it... I believe there is more information, but I'm not sure. I'll add some more later.

Thanks for reading!

P.S.: I'm really sorry for not making the request blogs. I just really wanted to make this blog. Request blogs will be done soon!

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