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  • GeneralLeeOutrageous

    After looking through the Candidates for deletion category, I found that a few of the pages don't really belong there. I figured I'd give my two cents on the matter since I'm not sure about how to take a page out of a category. 

    • Time Stream - shouldn't be deleted since it's a semi-major location in the time travel episodes.
    • David - someone misheard Derek's name, from the looks of things. If kept, it should be a redirect to Derek's page.
    • Extreme Hereditary Murphy's Law - shouldn't be deleted since it's a main theme of the show.
    • Lars - could go either way on this one. Perhaps a page for characters mentioned by name but have nothing else to them.
    • Swamp City - Keep until we know more about where MML takes place.
    • Amosaur - Probably a page someone crea…

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  • GeneralLeeOutrageous

    One thing I've noticed is that if you search for Aaron Daniel Jacob, you get to the page Danny Jacob. However, Aaron is Danny's son. The page also listed Danny as Zack's singing voice and that Aaron Daniel Jacob was his birthname. So far, I've fixed the errors on Danny's page, but when I went to create a page for Aaron, the title was already taken as a redirect to Danny's page. Unfortunately, my knowledge of wiki editing only goes so far, and I'm not sure how to change ADJ from a redirect to a brand new page.

    In other words, could someone who knows more than me about wiki pages create a new page with the title "Aaron Daniel Jacob"?

    Edit: how ironic that a blog about an error has an error in the title. I always mix up the names of Danny Jacob…

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  • GeneralLeeOutrageous

    So, something that's always bugged me about this wiki is that a fair chunk of the images have watermarks in the corners. Usually Disney XD, Kisscartoon, and occasionally both. So, what I've decided to do is, since I've bought each episode so far on Amazon Video, get HD pictures from there and add them to the wiki. I'm starting with character and episode pages (for the most part) and continuing from there into pages like galleries. If anyone has any advice, I'd love it!

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