After looking through the Candidates for deletion category, I found that a few of the pages don't really belong there. I figured I'd give my two cents on the matter since I'm not sure about how to take a page out of a category. 

  • Time Stream - shouldn't be deleted since it's a semi-major location in the time travel episodes.
  • David - someone misheard Derek's name, from the looks of things. If kept, it should be a redirect to Derek's page.
  • Extreme Hereditary Murphy's Law - shouldn't be deleted since it's a main theme of the show.
  • Lars - could go either way on this one. Perhaps a page for characters mentioned by name but have nothing else to them.
  • Swamp City - Keep until we know more about where MML takes place.
  • Amosaur - Probably a page someone created after misspelling "Hamosaur", as it's a redirect page.
  • Fish Hatchery - Put on a page for minor locations in the show (similar solution to Lars).
  • Hospital - see "Fish Hatchery"
  • Quantum Localizer - Remove the page and keep it on the Time Beurau page.
  • The singing saw - delete.
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