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Demon llama? Where? I mean, there's so many how could we know which one was a demon?

I think I've found the emperor's new groove. (heh heh...)

Singer: Unknown


Humorous Lyrics: All. You see what I mean? This song's trouble, but as good as it is, it's nothing compared to what's coming up next.

Context: Milo and Melissa are chasing Llamas to get Milo's Backpack back. "Milo's back-pack-back" Ack! Lack of a knack to not ryhme.

Fun Fact:

During the song, "Llamacoaster: The Musical!" is visible. That's odd, seeing as this is a year before the series, wich would be before Phineas and Ferb, before Rollercoaster (and thus, Rollercoaster: The Musical!) so how could they make a llama adaptation? Perhaps..... TIME TRAVEL?

In "Missing Milo", "The Llama Incident Musical" is on the seen in 2175. Odd. Wonder if it had this song in it.

Overall Rating: 7.900999999/10

For a song about llamas, it's great!


Me: No more Emperor's New Groove references.

Emperor's New Groove References: But I-- You--uh-- Uhh. But-- But, Your Highness, I have been nothing if not loyal to you for--for--for many, many blog posts.

An awesome song. Wish it was longer.

P.S. That comment was not serious, TMMLWG. Those were ENG references, although they may have been too vague.

P.P.S. This is a probably a coincidence, but Funko just came out with a new wave of Emperor's New Groove pops. Say what?

Goldsith out, peace!

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