Is it bad this song is so relatable? 

Singer: unknown

Catchiness: 9 (Fantassimo!)

Fun Fact: An instrumental of the song is hearable at the beginning of the episode, which while that does happen in later episodes, The Note was the first one.

Humorous Lyrics:

"And I know this story isn't easy to accept, but the power went out, and so I overslept."

"(I've Got No!) No Explanation!"

Context: Milo,Zack, and Melissa are trying to find Milo's Doctor's Note. 

Overall Rating: 8.9/10 (Awfully Lawfully good, But Not Awfully Lawfully Lawfully good)

Not as great as "Rooting for the Enemy", but still a fantastic listen. The whole "I Got No!" Part was beautiful.

Next: An Unnoriginal Masterpeice? Or a catastrophe? 

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