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Singer: Danny Jacob (I Think)

Humorous Lyrics:

"He's got one hand in the present, or at least in a gift-shaped cast!"

Fun Fact: During the credits, Orton Mahlson is credited as Dr. Hankry Zone, revealing a twist from "Missing Milo".

Context: Milo, Zack, Melissa and Sara are watching The Doctor Zone Files: The Next Regeneration's finale of sorts, The Heart of the Moon 3,679: The Inner Sanctum of the Trashcandroids. the episode begins with the theme song.

Overall Rating: 6/10 (Good, But Not Great)

Doctor Who is definitely part of the inspiration for Doctor Zone, that's for sure. But Doctor Who never had this catchy of a theme song, just "OOOH-WOOO-OOOOOH".x

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