Now, The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy is doing the Episodes.... So I decided to do the songs! 

I thought I'd have a go of reviewing the songs (inspired by The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy's 'Every Episode of Milo Murphy's Law Reviewed' series). Here are the review tools.

Singer: (Character)(Voiced by (VA)) or (Singer (If Known))

Catchiness: 1 (Oh, Yeah, That Song!) to 10 (GITCHEE GITCHEE GOO MEANS THAT I LOVE Y-- Oh, Sorry...Too Loud? 

Humorous Lyrics:



Overall Rating: 0 (Awfully Awfully Awful) to 15 (Awfully Lawfully Lawful)

(My Thoughts)

So, I'm just Curious if I should. Would You Enjoy This? Sort of a Spin-Off of 'Every Episode' made by a different person? Or No? Think it's a ripoff of 'EEOMMLR'.Tell me in the comments. (Especially You, Wiki Guy!) I'm a bit on the fence right now.

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