Day 53 (Has it been that long since August 14?): Extremely difficult to stay in the dark about season 2. 

Blog posts are the only pages I can bring myself to visit.

But we've found it.

TMMLWG's least favorite episode.

Oddly Fittingly, "Disaster of my Dreams."

And It has a song.

It's time.

Yes, You can...not be too safe.

Safety Czar? Safety Tsar? or is it That's Me?

Whatever it is, It's time to review it.

Humorous Lyrics:

"all the other kids in school were jealous and said I was obsessed"

"With me it's safety first and second third and forth and so on."

Context: Elliot has an odd dream about being safety czar/tsar.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Not bad, not great.


That was so boring, but I really missed song reviews.

Well, Whaddaya gonna do?

Next: Those two finally get the spotlight.

P.S. Something's coming November 23rd. (Maybe just a little british sci-fi.)

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