I like to think the fact there's FOUR songs in "Secrets and Pies"/"Athledecamathalon" was to make up for no songs in "Worked Day" or "Wilder West".

Singer: Unknown

Catchiness: Around 9-ish or so (Get it?)

Humorous Lyrics:

"You may be a prodigy at Javelin,"

"But if you don't know your calculus or understand the Syllabus"

"We base our self-esteem upon our intellectual clarity and physical dexterity"

Fun Fact: This wiki lists the "Brain but also Brawn" lyric as a PnF reference. (Are we sure it is?)

Context: The Gang is attending The Athledecamathalon, a mix of the physical and scholastic decathalon. My school never had either, so I don't know what the unseparated version feels like.

And Finally....

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

I put a LOT of easter eggs in this one.

Next: Sub-Zero temperatures. (Get it?)

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