He's got a big foam finger, He's got a new routine.... 

He's gonna turn the tables rooting for the enemy!

singer: Milo Murphy (Voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic) Again, Al's voice works great for this, being a singer and all.

Catchiness: 10 (Basically Perfect)

Humorous Lyrics: 

"It's a Paradoxical Scheme."

"I spent 17 dollars rooting for the enemy."

Context: Milo is rooting for the Tigers so Murphy's Law will cause the Geckos to win. (I know, didn't think that's how Murphy's Law worked)

Fun Fact: Milo doesn't have his backpack while singing.


Overall Rating: 9/10 (Just Fantastic)

This is a song that is a must to be put on an MML album if one comes out. Just Brilliant. Maybe my favorite song in the series. Also, any song with "Paradoxical Scheme" in it is good in my book.

Next: It's time for danger and time for action...

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