I missed something, didn't I?

Cavendish and Dakota!

I'm probably the only person who made a Dakota Mii...

Catchiness: 5 (Middle)

Humorous Lyrics:

"Don't look at me for an itinerary
I've got no agenda, no plans
Let's just keep it all arbitrary"

"You know the one that has the spinach and the cheese croissant
Or we could just chill and be all nonchalant"

"Nothing on my to-do list that needs addressing"

The most relatable song to me.

Context: Cavendish and Dakota are, well, just messing around.

Fun Fact: The Pistachio Preservers (Yeah, Not my best) go to multiple locations previously seen in Season 1. Also, Did Cavendish die on the statue? Island of Lost Dakotas foreshadowing?

Overall Rating: 7.8/10 

I missed this wiki.

Next: Being on Smashpedia gave "camping" an entirely different meaning.

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