Noone even noticed.

Did you guys forget about me?

Pistachio Partners is much better than "Pistachio Preservers". Bleh.

Speaking of Bleh, someone get Mr. Drako out of the water cooler.


Catchiness: 8

Humorous Lyrics:

"It's delightful, and though it may sound cliché 
You can really go far
And that's despite all the really gruesome obstacles in your way."

Context: Milo is sleepwalking through the woods. 

Fun Fact: This song takes up most of Milo & Co.'s plotline, but the episode's named after it.

Overall Rating: 8.7777777777777/10

Seriously, get him out of there.

Next: Some Like it Boat. That sounds vaguely like Cold, Right?

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